The only changes allowed are those requested by Thesis and Dissertation Services reviewers. If a student is not planning to use LaTeX, then they would use Word to create their document. Is the Written Approval form the same as the Proposal Approval form? The process of completing a thesis, dissertation, or record of study can seem overwhelming. Copyright compliance — Students can verify correct handling of copyrighted information used in the ETD by reviewing the following links:

Important Forms and Surveys In addition to the manuscript of your thesis, dissertation, or record of study, we also require the following forms and surveys completed: Despite these two forms having similar names, they are very different. Manually creating a Table of Contents, List of Figures, and List of Tables can be challenging since aligning page numbers can be impossible to accomplish. These may be located in the main text or appendices of your document and must be landscaped. If you attend in person, we highly recommend that you bring your document to the event so that our editors can help you with any questions. May I use images I found on Google? When can I submit my document for early clearance?

tamu ogaps thesis manual

What is manua record of study? Please see our Permission to Use Copyrighted Material handout for more detailed instructions. How do I qualify for early clearance? How can I fix the preliminary page numbers in the Table of Contents from appearing in all caps?

May I email the Written Approval form to you? Re-orienting pages in Word.


tamu ogaps thesis manual

Early in the semester after the early clearance deadline: Be sure that the Certificate of Completion is sent to thesis tamu. However, once the document has been published, there is no way to change the hold type. A comprehensive first review cannot begin until the document meets the minimum formatting thesls of page size, margins, and page numbers.

OGAPS – Policies

In general, we would like to see a corrected document back within a week of sending out the review just to keep the process going. This letter may be requested anytime from the point the student has completed all requirements for the awarding of the degree until five days prior to commencement.

Additional corrections requested by the student, the chair, or other committee members will be accepted only in rare and exceptional circumstances. How many rounds of review can I expect? Once a student submits their document to Vireo, they may not make any further changes to the document except for changes we ask them to make.

Text — If you have previously published an article, it is likely that the journal now owns the copyright.

If the item has already been published, then it is likely that the publisher now ogapd the copyright. Release the ETD for immediate access on the internet. Be sure to check out the LaTeX and Word templates.

May I change my name? Several templates are available to meet departmental and student needs. Some sections must be shown in both Spanish and English. Submitting earlier in the semester, prior to deadline day, is highly encouraged and will result in a faster review time for your document. Deadlines It is extremely important that you keep a close eye on the deadlines for the semester in which you plan to graduate. ETDs may follow either traditional dissertation organization or organization based on journal articles.


Students are able to clear Thesis and Dissertation Services once all requirements have been completed. If the document and the Written Approval form were turned in by the submission deadline, then the document was accepted. Consequently, the templates are also updated. When may I submit my ETD for review?

The processing fee is payable at Student Business Services or online through the Howdy portal.

tamu ogaps thesis manual

Use of software programs such as EndNote and RefWorks are recommended to promote consistency and accuracy of citation and reference styles. What format do I use to include multiple articles that have already been published? Where do I find my list of corrections?

Forms and Information

In most cases, you should contact your departmental staff advisor for assistance ofaps locating your committee. If Immediate Release is chosen, the entire document will be published shortly after graduation.

Oversized Illustrative Material Sample.