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Vote Now! [Yes full on fetish] [Feet are sexy] [Neutral] [DonĀ“t get turned on at all by feet]. [Poll] Do you have a foot fetish? Arianna. Age: 30. Ebony Goddess Maddix James Here for your satisfaction and discretion AshesofCinder 3 years ago 0. I know, I know. It might seem a little awkward or weird, as a question and subject. Just curious, because I love women's feet, my buddies think I'm weird. Well most of them at least! A foot fetish is certainly something oddly wonderful. Bailey. Age: 25. I have natural 32d breasts Adult Mode Preference The vote in anonymous. I'm curious to see how prevalent this fetish is amongst males and females. The other day I met this guy online that was into foot fetish and he wanted to see a photo of my feet. The guy was kind of cute but I fond it weird someone looking at my feet. I mean.. what if he does like my feet and I honesty don't see what the big deal with feet is about. But this foot fetish is more common.

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Lucky. Age: 19. Hi! I'm Stephanie, 43, size 12 with a natural 32F bust Take this quiz to see if you have a real foot fetish meaning that you are attracted to either a male or female's feet(or both). Take this quiz! If your friend is sleeping next to you while you are awake, would you secretly worship their feet? If you go over to a friends house for a party or something, and you are alone in a room with. I don't think I have a foot fetish, but I can definitely find a good pair of a lady's feet attractive. However, one thing I absolutely love is seeing girls in cute knee socks, as well as toe socks, so I guess that kinda counts towards this fetish. Other than that, things like high heels, anything related to stomping or crushing, just doesn't. Since the question came up about guys with a foot fetish in another poll, I'm just curious what you ladies feel about a guy with a foot fetish.


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