Bleed after orgasm

Aug 1, - Dr. Sherry Ross said: “I am assuming that you are having an orgasm after masturbation. If this is the case, it's not typical to bleed after having an orgasm. When you have an orgasm, there is an increase in blood flow in the vagina, cervix, and uterus. Your uterus contracts. Some women do have spotting if. Blood tinged mucus after masturbating. | Sexual Health | Patient Maserati. Age: 30. I will be glad to service you The reason can be attributed to the sex toy breaking the hymen inside the vagina. I believe the best solution for us women is to discontinue the Depo Prevera. hello, i am 22 years old and whenever i orgasm (always through masturbation and sometimes with intercourse) i bleed very heavily just for a little while (1/2 or 1 hr max). it's usually a very thick and clotty discharge. when i masturbate, there is no penetration, just clitoral stimulation. i have noticed this problem for at least a. Lara. Age: 23. I put emphasis on an effective communication from the very beginning whereas i make certain that we exchange all important information prior to each appointment so that there are no misunderstandings when we meet in person. If you decide to email me you can expect a quick, straight-to-the-point response (within the first 24 hrs) in which i also answer all your questions, whatever they might be. I am fair and treat everyone with respect. Bleeding after orgasm I bleed after sex, though it seems mainly after orgasm with or without penetration. It usually starts as bright red clotty blood, along with low lying cramps and around my pelvis and lower tummy - exactly like period pains. The bleeding last about a day and turns brown by the end of the day. Proper gungy and I hate it. Sep 5, - After an orgasm, it is possible to have bleeding from the vaginal cavity. Aggressive sexual intercourse or being on a menstrual cycle are both likely reasons if a penis or sex object was able to pass into the vaginal cavity but when only the clitoris is stimulated during an orgasm, blood can also flow. In order to.

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Ava. Age: 29. Hey Fellas!!! Feb 3, - I bleed for about an hour or two (sometimes the rest of the day) after an orgasm from stimulating the clitoris. This for me has been going on for two months and i have other symptoms and recently went to a gynecologist about it to find out i have endometriosis. Is the bleeding after a clitoral stimulated orgasm. bleeding after orgasm. Posted 2 years ago. ok so iv been bleeding on and off for a month or so. dr gave me a progesterone pill to try stop it in the mean time iv had some swobs done came back normal, bloods done everything normal exept estrogen a bit low, then i had smear still waiti g on the result if that,. then yesterday i. I've continued to have the tiny bit of blood after having an orgasm. I haven't experienced cramping. Two negative hpt. I've had some bleeding that seemed too light to be a period, but it was more than what I had been getting at random. My lower abdomen feels a bit tight. My vag feels tighter than usual, and.


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