After birth, the elders of the tribes, or the Gerousia Cartledge, , would carefully inspect the baby for any birth defects or other physical problems, ensuring that the child was well formed. This was possibly in order to instil the idea of uniformity into them. Preventing or A Wanted War? At ten they were taught music, dancing and athletics. This was a time in which city-states had either an aristocratic government a government system where a few people rule , or a monarchy a. Due to the violent and somewhat wild nature of the fighting, spectators from other poleis believed that Spartan education was too focused on the development of the military and creating the perfect citizen-soldier Atkinson,

Alcman and the Cosmos of Sparta. This encouraged theft, which was a display of speed, skill, and stealth. On the one hand, male and female pederasty were quite similar in that the older leader would teach the boys and girls about their eventual roles in society and it was a significant rite of passage to learn about the transition from adolescence to adulthood. There was a festival for Athenian boys aged eighteen to mark their progression into adulthood; it was called the Apatouria and lasted three days Mikalson, Classical Press of Wales.

The Role Of The Spartan Education System, The Agoge

All other surviving sources were written by authors with no direct experience of Sparta agogge living at a much later date. The Ancient World Transformed.

Boys were raised by their mothers until the age of seven, at which point they entered the gauge. However, there is an alternative argument that female new-borns were exposed more often than males Foxhall, It affected the life of every Spartan, either at birth or at any other.

AgogeSpartan Education. Childhood in Ancient Athens: Religion in the Ancient Greek City. Leonidas and the Kings spartaj Sparta: The women of Sparta were allowed much greater freedom and autonomy of their own lives than was typical for the time, especially when compared to other poleis such as Athens Rhodes, University of Wisconsin Press.


The Role Of Spartan Women Essay words sparrtan 7 pages Unlike other Greek city states, women played an integral role in Spartan society as they were the backbone of the Spartan economic system of inheritance and marriage dowry and they were relied upon to fulfill their main responsibility of producing Spartan warrior sons.

Myth, Religion, and Society: When the boys were initiated into the agoge at age seven, the first rite they had to go through was to cut their hair short Pettersson, A Spartan male would have faced his first rite of passage as a new-born.

The emphasis on securing an economically stable match for Spartan women was in part due to the fact that they could own land, at one point even owning approximately two-fifths of all Spartan land Blundell,as well as having been able to inherit property Tetlow, The agoge ended for the Spartan men at thirty years old when they became full citizens.

The Rites of Passage. In addition, the age-based hierarchical system that was put in place could also be interpreted as a reflection of the rank system of the army. Thus the agoge that Plutarch and Pausanias visited and described was yet another “revival.

Sparta Reconsidered: In Search of the Spartan Agoge

There once was a laid back lifestyle enjoying the arts but the objective of the state’s system was changed dramatically and Sparta was then know as a military state. Placed most emphasis on physical perfection and relatively ignored other realms such as the arts or philosophy, creating a culturally stagnant nation. Help Center Find new research papers in: Spartan education began soon after birth, where babies were Inspected by Pepper and cast onto the slopes of Met Tastes If the Spartan health standards were not met.

In addition, some features of the Gymnopaedia combined the ball playing with boxing Pettersson, ; therefore, this rite of passage was designed to improve their endurance, strength, and skill in combat.

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This aspect of the rite was possibly designed to improve their stealth and agility, both of which were important skills to a Spartan soldier. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. These rites of passage illustrated the Spartan need, desire, and focus on the creation, as well as continuation, of perfect citizen-soldiers.


In addition to the military aspect of the ritual, the Gymnopaedia also consisted of several dances, which were conducted by both genders of Sparta, as well as at different ages.

The Role of the Spartan Education System, the Agoge Essay

Whilst this battle was unarmed, there appear to have been no other rules or restrictions in the conduct of these fights, and agog would allow such things as biting and gouging Scanlon,which were normally forbidden in battle Vidal-Naquet, It trained Spartan boys to evolve into fearless and loyal soldiers. Log In Sign Up.

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Despite the State involvement in this marriage system, the women of Sparta did have some involvement in the matter, they were active qgoge in regards to their marital future Rose, In addition to this type of helot, the members of the krypteia would also kill any helot on sight at night, which could have been to intimidate the helots, but was more likely to enforce a curfew and deter them from any rebellious behaviour Powell, However, very little research has been conducted in regards to the origin of their military prowess, how it became an integral part of their society, and the link between religion and the military.

This would have been seen as perfect example of Spartan dedication and obedience, but also shows the fear and brutality felt during the agoge.

spartan agoge essay

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