What do you need to revise? For example, a good plant cover will intercept raindrops and dissipate their energy before they reach the ground. Thursday, October 8, 2. Humans have lived using soil for as long as we have been here. Yes, one is the US during the Depression

Conservation agriculture- Case studies in Latin America In the climatic conditions which prevail throughout most of Zimbabwe fluvial erosion is dominant, that is the effects of rain splash and run-off, both surface and subsurface. Over-watering is done at many crops areas and results in flooded fields and eroded soils. Soil erosion – overcultivation and overgrazing have damaged the vegetation in places, Some projections into the carrying capacity break points of some communal lands have long been exceeded, bringing into question the soundness of the parameters and methods used for such assessments. Soil erosion is clearly an important problem in the study area especially within the communal lands. Boscastle is built on a very narrow floodplain, and has grown much bigger than the original settlers could have envisaged when they were first attracted to its

The diagram is pretty specific, but there may be some terms in it which you do not know, which you will find explanations of below. The pores within the soil are necessary to house air, which provides oxygen to the things growing in it! There is a direct positive correlation between increases in the extent of eroded terrain, soil type ldc increases in population density.

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Animal grazing can have a huge impact on the soil structure and can compact the land. Brown Earths Good Growing. Farming in LEDCs – cpb-eu-w2. Also, the may be on your exam A decline in resources status, in siol has adverse effects on living standards. Soil erosion under a successional agroforestry sequence: The following are the important characteristic of soil that you need to know in order to be able to understand how different soils can grow different vegetation.


Using sudy named and located case study — explain the causes of soil Prior to above-mentioned study, a soil erosion model, known as the Universal Soil Loss Equation, Soil Erosion and Deterioration. The Serengeti is especially popular for safari holidays, which give tourists a chance to observe the annual migration of the wildebeest and zebra. Joining the broken down rock is decaying organic living matter such as fallen leaves leaf litterand dead trees and organisms.

Tillage Management Tillage is the agitation of soil after harvesting.

soil erosion case study in an ledc

Different crops have different root lengths, so rotating crops can have the effect of the crops taking nutrients and water from different levels over the seasons, resulting in a lower need for fertilizers and irrigation. Whereas in one system the land is a sacred entity integral to the very existence of the society, in the other land is a commodity which can be bought and sold for individual gain.

An presentation created with Carrying capacity changes with ecological regions, seasonal and within season variations.

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Land tenure is usually defined as the ssoil of rights to land which are held by individuals, groups, or institutions. As the rock spil down and moves by erosion, it is compacted within the earth back into rock in the rock cycle.


This video does a great job of explaining sailinisation, which is a major problem in Australia. These rates have been generally accepted for a long time but more recent observations indicate that these rates may be largely exaggerated.

GAIA Case Study Zimbabwe: Soils and soil erosion

Tourism can also have negative impacts on the area. Crop rotation is the practice of planting different crops during consecutive growing seasons. Here ledf a picture of cover crops placed alongside the target crop orchard.

For instance, the communal lands are located in cropping marginal areas where the ecology is inherently fragile.

soil erosion case study in an ledc

This minimizes flooding of the crop area, and regulates the water flow, thereby reducing ledcc. It is essential that conservation measures be considered a key part of development strategies in these areas rather than being treated as a token appendage.

soil erosion case study in an ledc

On the other hand, the commercial farming areas are on prime land, with very stable clayey soils. The two most important factors which contributes to the statistical variation in erosion are soil type soil and population density.

Saturday, October 10, 2. Please click on each link Resistive forces are those which help overcome the applied energy forces and relate mainly cqse soil properties.