There is a core academic staff of approximately 18 members. This includes in-text citation, referencing and bibliography; structure and layout; spelling and punctuation. This material should represent a clear advance on the previous submission if the supervisor is to be able to contribute effectively. Information can be obtained from the Enquiries Desk. Dyslexic students must inform the Examination Officer well before their examinations, and produce appropriate evidence. Ethnographic Film Every Wednesday during the first and second terms the Department of Anthropology holds a showing of ethnographic films. Dissertations must be typed and durably bound; a word-count must appear on the front page.

Sunday 8 September – results will be published in late November Each half course will be taught in a single term and it is NOT normally permitted to take two half courses in the same term. Situated in Room , it contains books, DVDs and some photocopied course materials. Evidently, you should display an appropriate mastery of the literature relevant to the essay topic. Auditing is possible for lectures but not for tutorial classes. MA students come from a wide variety of intellectual backgrounds and often ask for clarification about the appropriate style for writing anthropological essays.

During term-time you should check your Faculty pigeon-hole veadline inside the faculty office and your SOAS e-mail account for mail frequently. Grievances against other students or staff in the Department or the School might best be sorted out with department Student Representatives, the Personal Tutor or the MA Tutor. Please note that individual members of academic staff, such as course teachers, course convenors, programme convenors and the MA Tutor, are not able to grant deadline extensions.

Students should also demonstrate an understanding of the specialized field of their degree. That is over bibliographical conventions.

See the second paragraph above on the length of the dissertation. They will meet regularly with their supervisors throughout the year. Each MA programme has its own Programme Convenor also known as the Director of Studieswho dfadline overall responsibility for the programme and who advises students on their academic choices.


Dissertations will not be accepted after 30th September unless a completed Submission Deferral Application Form, obtainable from the Examinations and Assessment Manager exams soas. Appendices will not normally be marked and they must not include material essential to the argument developed in the main body of the work.

Auditing courses Students are strongly recommended to consider auditing some of the lectures for courses offered at undergraduate level in the Department. This penalty will be waived if medical or other evidence is provided together with the submitted dissertation copies and this evidence is accepted by the Sub-Board of Examiners in November.

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This is not only for dire emergencies, there may be other urgent questions, dilemmas or blockages which students feel they need to discuss with a member of staff. June Third Supervision You should aim to turn your attention to your dissertation as soon as possible after the exams and a few days of recreation. A student may choose to take two half courses for their third option. Essay requirements for each course are outlined in the course documents.

If you feel you need a short period of additional time to complete your dissertation, the normal rules for late submission of coursework apply if you submit by 30 September Please note that the maximum deferral granted will be one calendar year:.

You should give this document to your supervisor who will arrange the second supervision before the examinations start in May.

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Whether their native language is English or not, MA students are expected to use the bibliographical style of JRAI in all writing and, by the time they come to write their dissertations, to have a command of English usage. A Degree Specific Core Course: The role of student members of the Department is crucial in this process, and we encourage dialogue not just about the content and methodology of the discipline of social dsisertation, but about your experience of teaching and learning in its entirety.


soas masters dissertation deadline

Tutorials Course Convenors and teachers will allocate membership of tutorial classes in the first week of each term. See the Bibliography at the end of this section for an example of good practice. Its main role is to pinpoint areas which concern students in the Anthropology department, to make recommendations on departmental policy on matters affecting students, and to comment on proposals originated in Departmental meetings.

soas masters dissertation deadline

Though some courses are assessed solely by coursework, most taught courses culminate in examinations. Please try to make your enquiries at those times. The complete plain words. Note in particular the principal ethnographic collections at: Evidently, you should display an appropriate mastery of the soxs relevant to the essay topic.

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Theoretical Approaches to Social Anthropology is an advanced foundation course in anthropological theory exclusively designed for MA Anthropology students.

At the beginning of each year arrangements are made for the election of two student representatives from each of the seven Madters Anthropology programmes. However, ethnographic and anthropological writings are themselves changing genres Cliffordwhich have been affected by broader literary trends. Sometimes the School Counsellors are booked for some time ahead and the Health Service can provide help in particularly urgent situations. During this month, if necessary, changes can be made to the lists of students and supervisors.

During the second half of the first term the MA Tutor will come to one of the Ethnographic Research Methods lectures to talk about the purpose of the dissertation, the opportunities it offers, and the timetable of preparation, supervision, research and writing.

soas masters dissertation deadline

Course Documents will be distributed by teachers in the first class of each course.