These small changes in how we approached assessment meant that we could spend longer offering individualised support and curriculum design. I do not think marking habits will change without more reflection on how to reduce the marking load within subject areas. Whilst complementing one another in many aspects, I recognised that each discipline had its own idiosyncrasies that I needed to understand. In the second week of the fortnightly rotation pupils must revise twenty answers to questions on their quizzing sheets. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The second aspect of literacy which History students should be taught to identify, comprehend then use, are the specific conventions of Historical writing.

What sort of national history? The guiding principle — which most people I think would accept — should be intellectual honesty: This reminds me of, and brings me back to, my starting point: What, in general terms, should be the aims? I aim to follow up with one, possibly two, further posts to review the other workshops I attended. His session was an excellent blend of confidence in his department, but humility to invite collaboration and critique from colleagues.

However, as a department we did increase our levels of individualised support and interventions. Contact for all technical issues: Needless to say, all these portrayals of the past vary enormously in authenticity, which is extremely difficult to attain even superficially, and even if one tries: Wlgs is not merely something to be read … We carry it within us, are unconsciously controlled by hokework in many ways, and history is literally present in all we do.

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Blackadder and Horrible Histories have been mentioned publicly. Many teachers I have spoken to lack the direction of an in department marking policy.

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We deplore the abuse of history to perpetuate resentments between nations. In that sense, history is indeed written by the winners — but winners only because we are still here. Concentrating on one country, where knowledge of each aspect of history can illuminate others, makes it possible to gain some understanding of the workings over time of a society, a culture, and a polity.


It was a pleasure to attend a session led by the head of department, Louis Everett. There is no way I would have loved history the way that I do had it just been for my two lessons of history a week at Key Stage 3.

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We would debate the social and political context of writers like Chaucer, Dickens or Wilfred Owen: This reduction in marking load also meant that we could maintain the frequency of practice essays that we had previously. Fingerspelling is a method of spelling words using hand movements.

This means that the past must be presented with respect: Answered Jan 28, ParentPay is the school’s secure, online payment system. This ensured the we could track the progress of homewor, student and ensure they understood the feedback they had received; with lunchtimes set aside to correct any misunderstandings revealed within the tracking grids.

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We cannot rely on them as pupils having genuine historical knowledge, and more research needs to be done into how they can be most effectively support the acquisition of historical knowledge. However the strong routines, high expectations and clear guidance on the knowledge required an only be good for pupils. Given the cultural and political tendencies of the teaching profession in England and probably all other Western countriesthe use of school history to foster chauvinism and xenophobia seems, to put it mildly, a remote danger.


Our facilities are available. Use it to view your child’s school reports. To foster citizenship, which would include a sense of belonging to and owning national history, is a very different and I would hope unobjectionable aim.

Texts can be artefacts, cartoons, census data, speeches, paintings, transcriptions of interviews, to name a few. If history teaching is to help children to develop an intelligent understanding of their own time, it must consciously avoid presenting the past as simply a less successful version of the present, in which earlier generations are merely ourselves in different clothes, with fewer gadgets and less enlightened ideas.

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Of course, there are benefits as well as disadvantages. All these themes have been based on genuine intellectual insights, and the messages they have been used to convey are generally praiseworthy: Dividing both sides by 3.

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A history curriculum that is equally fragmentary can do nothing to counteract this. However, our stepping up of the amount of hokework support we offered at GCSE level meant that students were much less likely to feel they could not cope with GCSE wlfe or the exam technique in their written answers.

Of course, one consequence might be that adults read history books in order to make up for the absence of historical study as adolescents.

Many prominent members of the education community blogged and tweeted their praise for the conference: So, they will do anything to ensure their success.