Instead, by sharing stories of who we are, we find resonance with each other. These collective stories can kindle a sense of “being Singaporean”, even if we cannot articulate or pin down specifics. Even as the celebrations continue, here is a look at 15 things we want to remember from this milestone year: It was the first synchronised National Day observance ceremony. Keepsakes like a figurine of Singa, the iconic mascot of the Singapore Kindness Movement, also featured in the tote bag.

My grandson due next month, and who will be 50 when Singapore celebrates its th anniversary, can only say he was born a few months after Mr Lee passed away. We have been experiencing some problems with subscriber log-ins and apologise for the inconvenience caused. Keepsakes like a figurine of Singa, the iconic mascot of the Singapore Kindness Movement, also featured in the tote bag. As host to the 28th SEA Games, our athletes won a tremendous medals. The exhibit aims to showcase a slice of Singapore from the perspective of an individual with impaired vision.

sg50 celebration essay

But I certainly celebdation that what will never change from one generation to another is the passion to make this country continue to succeed, to be proud of who we have been, are, and will be, and to revel in the cohesive diversity that makes us all Singaporeans – whatever that word means to each of us.

Skip to main content. Maternity wards around the country were kept busy on Aug 9 as Singaporean babies were born.

Many personal stories, one Singapore identity

We may look, from the outside, to be less orderly and consensual than in the past. We are all identities in creation, and the end result will not be uniform.

Keepsakes like a figurine of Singa, the iconic mascot of the S50 Kindness Movement, also featured in the tote bag. But I was not born here, neither did I study nor live here.

Such is the cycle of life, of persons dying and babies being born. Last year, 91 Singaporean babies were born on National Day. The three-hour-long National Day Parade later in the day at the Padangwhere the first post-independence National Day Parade was held inwas a grand affair melding the old with the new, celebrating the past and heralding the future.


I have lived and worked in this country since Highlights of the Sing50 concert included a moving gs50 to the late founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew during a three-movement concerto by composer Kelly Tang, as well as a stirring rendition of the national anthem Majulah Singapura at the end. There are many reasons that make me a proud Singaporean.

15 things about SG50 we will remember

In April, Australia, which was the first country to recognise Singapore’s independence inloaned four koalas to the Singapore Zoo. Our long term goal is to raise our dominance globally and ensure our future generations continue to prosper.

sg50 celebration essay

The stamps issued by the national postal service providers of Singapore and Thailand featured the traditional Thai dessert mango sticky rice and the ice-cream sandwich commonly sold on Singapore’s streets.

Occasions like Chinese New Year gradually become just another travel opportunity. To the extent that in our initial years Singapore was almost synonymous with Mr Lee Kuan Yew, he defined our national identity and we looked towards him for signals on how to behave, to think, to view ourselves.

It is easier for Singaporeans to understand the business culture in China in comparison sgg50 other western countries such as Finland. I am fortunate because I am a privileged, Chinese, heterosexual, male businessman.

Many personal stories, one Singapore identity, Opinion News & Top Stories – The Straits Times

My grandson due next month, and who will celebrahion 50 when Singapore celebrates its essayy anniversary, can only say he was born a few months after Mr Lee passed away. Few young people today have ever known him other than as the textbook father of independent Singapore. As nation- building gained traction and we started to embrace ourselves as a people, a society, and a nation, we started to experiment with our own personal markers of identity.

Directors of 7 Letters, which premiered at Capitol Theatre in July: Singaporeans were encouraged to share their memories and moments related to the country in the form of texts, audio files, video files or images.


But a log-in is still required for our PDFs. Short videos, marking every hour since midnight on the day unveiled how Singapore celebrated her 50th across different parts of the island – from a rainy morning to increasing excitement as dusk and the time for the parade approached. So for several years as a teenager I raised the flag every morning at our hastily erected flagpole on technically Singapore soil, and eventually I qualified to be a citizen.

15 things about SG50 we will remember, Singapore News & Top Stories – The Straits Times

The 13th century Persian poet Eseay once wrote something which should speak to each of us. However, Singapore’s multitude of races and cultures made me esasy no longer alien. Our identity may have started more as a “rojak” salad than as an artificial Merlion but over time even the “rojak” salad will evolve further, with new and unusual ingredients, while the Merlion remains an unnatural and static animal, says Mr Ho Kwon Ping. Under its “50 Bridges” programme, a series of arts and community engagement events were presented to Singapore.

sg50 celebration essay

There are existing cultural classes conducted in English but more information should be provided to avoid erroneous assumptions.

Extra goodies were added by some grassroots organisations, such as booklets on the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s contributions to Singapore, as well as state flags. The three-month exhibition at Gardens by the Bay consolidates the Government’s plans, the research of agencies and institutes, as well as the ideas of ordinary people. Every year, National Day Parade attendees receive a goodie bag.

History comprises both the universally experienced, historically momentous events and the small, personal milestones of each person.