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Jan 14, - 8. WHAT IF I DON'T WANT ANYTHING UP MY BUTT ANYWAY? The male prostate gland can be indirectly stimulated by applying pressure to the perineum—that no-man's land between a man's scrotum and his asshole otherwise known as the “taint.” Since nerve endings on the perineum are connected to. Discover The Male G Spot: How To Give Him A Prostate Orgasm Ally. Age: 22. Hi LOVERS:) Create one here Forgot your password? Oct 14, - Knocking at Your Back Door: An Intro to Anal Pleasure for Straight Men. Contributor Amy Levine, sex coach and founder of Ignite Your Pleasure, has worked with many straight men curious about prostate massage. As a sex coach, I often find that many straight guys will rarely admit to. Melody. Age: 21. I am available for some discreet pleasure in prague only, with some polite, clean, funny and friendly gentleman over his 40yo, you should be non smoker. I only practise safe and protected sex. How to Stimulate His Hot Spot May 22, - I wrote a column a while back about stimulating the woman's hot spots. Well, ladies, men have a hot spot too — the prostate. This walnut-sized gland is located directly underneath the bladder, inside the anal canal. The gland is in close proximity to the rectal wall, which can be accessed through the anus. Oct 21, - Their concern was that their man's interest in trying anal sex is a sign that he's gay or bisexual. According to a New York Times article published in December , of all of the Google searches conducted in the United States that begin with "Is my husband ," the most common end to the phrase is "gay.".

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Bunny. Age: 27. Let me be your hot sweet blond! Dec 9, - And so the purpose of this page is to help you as a gay men understand the unique dynamics involved with anal intercourse with your man. We'll walk you . As you continue to gain confidence and feel comfortable – and hopefully pleasure – you can then move on to experimenting with toys. The trick is to. Dec 17, - You've got a butt, but (heh) the odds are that you're probably ignoring it. Your arse has the capacity to experience a jaw-dropping amount of pleasure, so it's time to put aside any negative reactions you might have about anal explorations. Whether you're put off by the taboos, nervous about pain, or just. Because of its location, the prostate is easier to be reached and stimulated by inserting your fingers about 2 inches inside his anal canal. One of the best positions to stimulate the male G Spot is having him laying on his back with his legs and backside elevated; you can put some pillows under his legs and butt, that way he's.


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