Masturbation white discharge

Aug 5, - I'm 21 female and I haven't had sex, but I do masturbate with my fingers and use a vibrator. I notice a white discharge when I come after masturbating. But it only comes out when I masturbate. I've had it for several months now, before it used to be clear. Honorably Discharged: A Guide to Vaginal Secretions | Scarleteen Vanilla. Age: 20. My name is Darlina Danes and I am a sexy, beautiful and adventurous New York City Escort Companion So, it's normal to have your discharges or scents -- when people experience "fishy" smelling vaginas, and it isn't BV, it's often simply residual semen -- be a bit different for a few days, just from that alone. May 12, - Masturbation is the one activity in which the second largest number of females engages both before and after marriage. In coitus, females ma. Patricia. Age: 23. Terezka Can masturbation cause a women white discharge? Jun 5, - Here's my problem. The day after I masturbate I always have some white cream-like substance on the inside opening of my penis, usually 3 or 4 pieces about the size of a pen tip. It ONLY happens after I ejaculate, usually the next day, and it makes me feel like i have to urinate even if I don't. It doesn't just. May 16, - i am 24 years unmarried girl.i have white disharge from junge-generation.infoly after masterbation it becomes heavy.i am worried that will it going to effect my after marrige life???

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Tysen. Age: 24. Hello Dearest May 27, - Every woman lubricates toa some degree with sexual arousal - this is generally a viscus semi-clear liquid but your cervical mucus is white and mixes easily with vaginal lubricants and yes this can easily lead to a white discharge. In fact the condition of your mucus will tell you about your level of fertility. Feb 10, - Cm help?? I have a sticky white discharge what could this be. 1. Last reply Jan 30, Discharge. White chunky discharge during masturbation? 1. Last reply Aug 9, Discharge. Okay so question; does anybody else have this white sticky, chunky discharge stuff around the folds of their vajayjay? Nov 23, - Discharge and secretions from and of the vagina are a normal, healthy part of how that anatomy works and part of the reproductive system functioning, even is white or slightly yellowish and thick (but does NOT have curdy "chunks") -- much like the consistency of paste, this sort of discharge tends to occur.


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