If your referees are teachers, choose those who have taught the main disciplines you have studied or disciplines that are taught at Sciences Po. If required, take the language tests as soon as possible. You may apply to a Sciences Po Master programme up to 3 times, from admissions and on. You may also want to articulate how you foresee your engagement in campus life beyond the walls of the classroom. In order to apply to Sciences Po, please follow the instructions on this website. How can you contribute to the campus’s life? Encourage your sister to join clubs and associations at her high school.

Once your application is ready for the first review, no new document will be accepted, unless required. Take your language test If required, take the language tests as soon as possible. If you are applying for more than one programme, please explain each choice in a separate statement. If you do not hold the undergraduate degree required for the programme at the moment you accept the offer of admission, you must provide it by the time of your administrative registration beginning in June. Catarina Laranjeira Master in International Energy: How does one get into Sciences po Paris? Check the admissions calendar.

Master in Environmental Policy: You should be able to contextualise and critically assess it.

When applying to different programmes, you must write two personal statements in separate online spaces. In this case, the dual degree programme must be specified as your first choice.

Sciences Po: How to Write Your Personal Statement for Sciences Po – Maija Wallace

Watch this video to hear what our graduates say about what makes PSIA unique, and this video to get a taste of the variety of events offered by PSIA’s platform for debate. Personal acquaintances will not be taken into account. Make it sound like an obvious fit.


sciences po psia personal statement

How long should it be? Other Writing Requirements In addition to your personal statement, you will also have to submit a copy of your CV. Two to three months may be needed to obtain your language test scores.

International graduate admissions

Master in International Economic Policy: What are your hobbies? You can delete or add a referee until your application has been submitted. If you cannot provide such a document at the time of registration, you will lose your admission offer. Is Amazon actually giving you the best price?

Bear in mind that your referees receive many such requests. One-year Master in Advanced Global Studies: Eiffel Scholarship offered by the French Government for all international students, including EU students, with priority to candidates from emerging countries and above all to those who are underrepresented in French universities and higher education institutions: Check the eligibility criteria.

Will it look bad on my application to have repeated the same things in both sops? Here are the most useful links to the admissions website at a glance: She should have a very good grasp of current affairs. You could also encourage her to regularly read the news and news analyses e.

What’s it like to attend Sciences Po as an American? Do not choose someone only because of their title or position.

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How does one get into Sciences po Paris? Explain how and why the educational environment at Sciences Po will help you achieve your professional and personal ambitions. When you have submitted your application, you will be able to access the dashboard on your application form in which you will be able to track the status of your application and check if your referees have filled your academic and professional references.


Afterwards, the jury will ask you questions about your own personal goals. If you are applying for more than one programme, please explain each choice in a separate statement. How do business-related master’s degrees at Sciences Po Paris compare to others taught in French business schools?

Do you need to speak French to be admitted into the Paris campus of Sciences Po? What is it like to be an exchange student at Sciences Po Paris? The applicant must therefore clarify the reasons why they have chosen the given programme, what exactly are the aspects they find attractive and explain how Sciences Po would be an integral part of their plans. Is a degree from the English language campuses in Sciences Po less meritorious than one from the Paris campus?

sciences po psia personal statement

You cannot go beyond words as there is an actual word counter within the application. Make sure your referees know the deadline to fill the forms and in what language they must do so.

sciences po psia personal statement