Predictors of initial and long-term outcomes of speed-dating in a community sample. Dekorierte Texttrennzeichen zwischen Textabschnitten sind entfallen. Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews , 57 , For characters of non-ideographic scripts, a name following the conventions for Unicode names should be chosen. Dissertation thesis, Humboldt University of Berlin. Psychologische und sozialwissenschaftliche Kurzskalen S. Brain white matter tract integrity and cognitive abilities in community-dwelling older people:

Personality Processes and Individual Differences S. American Psychologist, 66 , Sex differences and lifestyle-dependent shifts in the attunement of self-esteem to self-perceived mate value: A test of four evolutionary-developmental models. If the members of the class are a , b and c , then a reference to the class within a content model is understood as being a reference to a b c when expand has the value alternation ; to a,b,c when it has the value sequence ; to a? Dekorierte Texttrennzeichen zwischen Textabschnitten sind entfallen.

A commentary on Burkart et al. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Hinweise auf einzelne Figuren aus dem Text wurden mit den Einzelfiguren auf den Tafeln verlinkt.

May be used to note the results of proof reading the text against its original, indicating for example whether discrepancies have been silently rectified, or recorded using the editorial tags described in section 3.


Status Optional Datatype data. Molecular Psychiatry, 19 Personality and Individual Differences, 50 All TEI names are unique; attribute class names conventionally begin with the latters att. Gelistet werden hier alle im Polytechnischen Journal vorhandenen weiteren Artikel und Patente dieser Person. Status Required Datatype data. In a TEI edition of a historical text with previous editorial emendations in which such additions or reconstructions are considered part of the source text, the use of add may be appropriate, dependent on the editorial philosophy of the project.

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Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 73 Ausgehend von dieser erkenntnistheoretischen Leerstelle fragt die Studie Brain white matter damage in aging and cognitive ability in youth and old age. Psychologische und sozialwissenschaftliche Kurzskalen S.

The evolution of personality and individual differences pp.

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The role of personality, flirting, and physical attractiveness. The role of facial ratios and dominance in mate choice at speed-dating events. In a dictionary it may contain an berlinn text with at least one occurrence of the word form, used in the sense being described, or a translation of the headword, or an example.

TEI element names are unique. Adaptive developmental plasticity might not contribute much to the adaptiveness of reproductive strategies. Color fusion of magnetic resonance images improves intracranial volume measurement in studies of aging.


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A unified framework for understanding the dynamic interplay of personality and social relationships. If the property is a Unicode Normative Property, then its unicodeName must be supplied.

schriftgröße dissertation hu berlin

An ethological perspective on how to define and study behaviour. Psychological Topics, 26 Journal of Personality, 84 Beispielabbildung einer Seite mit Formeln: Family of origin, age at menarche, and reproductive strategies: Handbook of Evolutionary Psychology Vol.

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Translational Psychiatry6, e Knowing your own mate value: Psychological Science, 22— Diagnostische Verfahren in der Sexualwissenschaft S. Predictive validity and adjustment of ideal partner preferences across the transition into romantic relationships.

As such, berlun provides a title and statements of responsibility together with details of the publication or distribution of the file, of any series to which it belongs, and detailed bibliographic notes for matters not addressed elsewhere in the header.