List five important administrative items required for a Crew Boss kit. Several errors were found in the September version of the S course. Skip to main content. It is not done by default Training Location: Examples of topics that could be discussed in this unit include:

You should be able to workaround this issue by downloading and installing the missing files via the following: The point values for each question are listed below. In addition to the spreadsheet check the course updates page prior to instructing a course to ensure the most up-to-date information is being used. Know in which areas most students are having trouble If you are unable to retrieve the information from the CD, or do not have access to a computer, please let your supervisor or training officer know so he or she can work with you on this. They need to proctor you while you take the test, which has a 2 hour time limit. Tony Navarro Course Coordinator 5.

S3900, the imagery is several years out of date and presents an obsolete form of imagery that has not been used for several years. Once you have read the material provided and reviewed any areas that you may need to brush up on, you access the pre-course study and S Pre-Course Qualifying Test; the link provided above will give you access.


S pre course work answers

Advanced Wildland Fire Behavior Calculations. Pre-Course Qualification Test and study materials are available on the internet: Contact a helicopter inspector pilot for approval.

s390 pre course work answers

If you have questions or are unable to return the test by then, please call Lead Instructor Tony Navarro at This should allow the coursw to complete without issue. This portion does not need to be taught as part of the certified course.

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The homepage for the Hazard Tree Subcommittee referenced in the S course has changed. The materials are available here: A magazine article on two aork of the S pre-course work, and all reference in the Instructor Guide to this article have been deleted from the course package. There is an error on page 21 related to FigureInfrared Map. Alternately, you can go to training.

Fire Prevention Education Team Member. Refer to the list of training resources below that may be used to replace this DVD: Update information is now available on the S Course Administration page. The materials can now be found at https: You only have one attempt at the pre-course work test.

s390 pre course work answers

Refer to the S page https: If used the material will add approximately 4 hours to the instructor led course but will not exceed 24 hours to complete the course. The materials are available on the web at: If you have difficulty completing the pre-course study material, consider taking the Pre-Course Qualification Test after consultation with your supervisor.


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The reference material on the Student CD matches the online content. This is what it will look like when your register: Update information is now available on the RX Course Administration page.

Add this document to saved. Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior Calculations.

s390 pre course work answers

Advanced Cardiac Life Support – emc. When I start the installer, it gives me grief about some unsatisfied prerequisites: An error has been found in the S Final Exam.

Air Support Group Supervisor. Spreadsheet of PMS changes to training courses.


You have to type this in exactly as written; i. The second is a course specific update that only applies to specific elements of a course such as the instructor guide or ciurse final exam. The following table illustrates the changes to this course. Contact a line officer for approval.