KKR’s strategy for servicing this debt rested on asset sales and improved internal cash flow. Nonetheless, the RAJA had consistent growth and low debt ratio, making it a prime target for a buyout. Estimate Discount RateStep 2: The December 31, balance sheet, revised in the April 5, KKR proxy statement to stockholders to show the projected result of the leveraged buyout. Callable at a small premium to par on any interest payment date.

Terminal ValueResults will depend on the growth rate assumption. Reportedly, KKR did not think the plaintiffs would prevail. Partnership Debt Securities due Pays at maturity. Dwarfing its predecessors, the fund attracted particular media attention:

All three had left Bear Stearns where they had been doing “bootstrap” as in “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” financings, the name given to leveraged buyouts back then. There are several questions to these CEOs. Importantly, the banks’ reach extended upward to Group and Holdings.

Exhibit 5 gives projections of RJR Nabisco’s operating results for the years — Bribery and Business E How many of the reset bonds would have to be repurchased was not obvious. Moody’s also down-graded RJR’s navisco debt, a move that triggered substantial declines in the market prices of RJR’s securities. A case study of waste Thus far, RJR and other tobacco companies had been quite successful in defending themselves in such lawsuits.


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Both the Management group and KIRK made different projects of the future cash flows based on their financing as well as sale of asset strategy. As noted above, cigarette shipments in the U. The plaintiffs maintained they were defrauded when RJR Nabisco used the proceeds of asset sales to pay down bank debt.

The two PIK reset issues differed in essentially two ways: KIRK were more attuned to keeping the interest of the board in mind while formulating their strategies. Registered, but not listed on an exchange. At the time, the RAJA Nabisco leveraged buyout was widely referred to be the pre-eminent example of corporate and executive greed.

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RJR Nabisco Case

The relatively optimistic outlook for RJR’s tobacco businesses was rnr without considerable uncertainty. In March,there were 31 product liability cases pending against RJR; compared to 97, 69, and 48 such cases at the end of, andrespectively. Letter from Management Group protesting negotiations with KKR, offering to negotiate all aspects of its proposal. Values in of cash flows for and beyond for different assumptions are Sensitivity Analysis:.


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LIBOR plus basis points. Except for the stumbling block created by Moody’s downgrade, the plan had proceeded as forecast: Capital Budgeting Step 1: Kohlberg had done his first LBO in I completely dot agree with this.

RJR Nabisco case study

If company still spent a lot money in researching new product, especially product with high risk, it may has problem in keeping their capital flow to operating normal running. Can they pay attention in rrjr to protect and rebuild natural environment? The market obviously saw substantial risk that the reset would fail, which would put RJR in violation of its bond covenants.

rjr nabisco case study ppt

In other words, conditions of oversupply and not necessarily poor fundamentals could have been causing the depressed prices of the reset bonds. It is ethical but I think that is just a beautiful alibi. A Case study of a snow Partnership Debt Securities due However, a manager always needs to think about his influence.