Risk, leverage and profitability: Like all other field of newly born nation, there was no established system of telecommunication, available in the country. The marketer identifies a target market, defines the product and Pricing to appeal to this market and a strategy to deliver the product to the market. The year also witnessed the entry of major telecom companies, most notably China Telecom and SingTel, into the market. Keeping in view the growth potential of the cellular industry there is no option but to be aggressive in order to remain a potent force in the cellular industry. PTCL’s profit after tax at Rs 7. Revenues 18 1.

We offer help to regular students as well as on the job employees who are enrolled in MBA at Virtual University of Pakistan. Please choose your subject matter and speak thru email. Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Science, 27, A film that is chosen, for example, will be available for multiple viewing during 24 hours without any extra charge. The more debt financing a company uses, the higher its financial leverage. Hospitality Research Journal, 17,

We strictly follow Virtual University guidelines and specific format. Profitability 18 1.

Risk management effectiveness combines both the ability to exploit opportunities and avoid adverse economic impacts, and has a significant positive relationship to performance. We will provide you with unique and plagiarism free material. It also includes the functions of HRM e.

Customers have the option to packages with varying speeds from Kb to 2Mbwith unlimited downloads. Apart from these important customers, PTCL targets general public and other small business companies for sale of its landline telecom services like telephone, fax, Internet, as well as other services like CLI, VMS, and Digital Facilities etc.


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This is considered a measure of the credit worthiness of the company. Sample size of her exploration comprised of 20 open constrained organizations from fuel and vitality division recorded at Karachi Stock Exchange and time period comprise years The 3 curves featured in the design not only represent the letter proposa, which stands for Etisalat and the Emirates, but also signify an entity that is growing outside its boundaries and expanding into strategic businesses locally and internationally.

Following is the background to respective companies: This is a time of growing challenges. Resultantly, a digital divide prevailed in Pakistan keeping it behind its neighbors and other comparable countries in terms of telecom access.

For the loss of assets due to fire and floods incurred during the year, an amount of Rs.

Remember me on this computer. Like other developing economies, the area of capital structure is relatively unexplored in Pakistan.

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Being a government organization, PTCL is not authorized to determine the prices of its products itself, the Telecom Regulator Authority viz. It is true that, affect message or ad strategy hence the company researxh.

research proposal on ufone

A number of channels are allocated for NVoD. This department continued its business up to A limited time offer for 1MB subscribers to upgrade to 2MB speed at same rate was successful as many such subscribers continued with 2mB package after the expiry of the promotion.

The objective of these visits is propposal provide general OPD facilities and medical assistance not only to PTCL employees and their families but also to the local communities at large. In both of the above eesearch historical cases, the core reason was fraudulent conduct by the corporate level management.


Special promotions and offers were developed for ramadan, hajj, Christmas, eid and new Year including provision of free telephone sets for new resewrch in the holy month of Ramadan. So, the net profit margin ratio will also decrease.

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Today total subscribers have reached The findings of the study suggest the decline in performance of PTCL during the observed time period. PTCL is becoming more customer focused in developing and offering attractive bundles catering to various segments FuturePlans: In this attempt to maximize the overall value, firms differ with respect to capital structures.

research proposal on ufone

Company improved its touch points with customers, offering ease to do business. The cost efficiency increases from We are very thankful to him for all the value addition and enhancement done to me. Skip to main content.

If student fail to answer properly declared fail and they get another chance for researcn in next semester.

research proposal on ufone

A comparative study of brand A, brand B from the same product line. Resultantly, a digital divide prevailed in Pakistan keeping it behind its neighbors and other comparable countries in terms of telecom access.