Overview Book Reviews In this moving and controversial Quarterly Essay, doctor and writer Karen Hitchcock investigates the treatment of the elderly and dying through some unforgettable cases. And if you have an otherwise robust body with an arrhythmic heart or you need a transplant, you should be glad the experts exist. Please select your preferred region. The elderly matters and how we treat them matters even more. She is very persuasive that very often patient choices are not choices at all, that we are ‘guided’ down a “least cost” path to see ourselves as burdensome so that we convince ourselves, against or preferred wishes, that we should take the death-hastening path. Hitchcock is a fabulous writer.

Due to incomprehensible institutional requirements and service fragmentation, upon discharge back to a nursing home, patients have to continue their pre-hospital medications sometimes the cause of their hospitalisation in the first place until a GP visits the home, perhaps days later. Having just lost someone close to me, I have had to challenge my own beliefs about death, and how distorted my ideal was, based on the rare but stereotype of the ideal “Hollywood” death, where the person closes their eyes and dies peacefully surrounded by loved ones. No eBook available Amazon. We slash social welfare programs and access to GPs and ignore the downstream effect this will have on future generations. They will be the poorer. My bag Your bag is currently empty.

The author has genuine compassion for people, and sees that respect and dignity should be accorded to the aged members of our ob. In Dear LifeHitchcock has laid out her most important work to date in the type of clear, rational, respectful prose that the topic demands. The Day the World Exploded: Most of the time. As ever Karen Hitchcock delivers a thoughtful and thought provoking insight into care for the elderly, end of life care and dying, things we must all face ourselves professionally and personally.


I’d give this 10 stars if I could! Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone.

The old general physicians, the in-hospital specialists who would treat the multi-organ failures, the decrepit and the mysterious, had been rendered obsolete. Quartefly icon Facebook icon Pinterest icon. Dear Life is a landmark essay by one of Australia’s most powerful writers.

I was inspired definitely the right word! We must plan for a future when more of us will be old, Hitchcock argues, with the aim of making that time better, not shorter. It sadly shows how our grandparents are all too often poorly treated and overlooked in our hospitals and by our health care system and in many cases shunted away into some neglected ny corner as a result of our doctors and nurses being overworked and overextended; due to the current pervasive negative view and stigma of the elderly within society and our health esssay system; and the system itself, relegating the care of the elderly to one of the least important health care roles.

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Having just lost someone close to me, I have had to challenge my own beliefs about death, and how fof my ideal was, based on the rare but stereotype of the ideal “Holl A quite upsetting read It seems unlike in countries such as Japan, we haven’t as yet spent the necessary time and effort attempting to answer many of the difficult and important questions that surround the final years of our lives, nor have decided to invest the necessary time, money, and resources needed to ensure a meaningful old foor and one free of isolation for our most fragile.

Infrom an English department in Melbourne, I applied to medical school at the University of Newcastle.

quarterly essay 57 dear life on caring for the elderly by karen hitchcock

Dec 11, Magdalen rated it really liked it. Mar 25, Andrew McMillen rated it it was amazing.

Dear Life: On Caring for the Elderly by Karen Hitchcock

For years in that space she has enlightened, amused and moved us with short fro from inside the medical profession, a cloistered community for whom strong communication with outside A brisk read about the heaviest topic of all, ‘Dear Life’ is written with passion and compassion in equal measure. About Karen Hitchcock Authors Bio, not available show more.


Quarterly Essay 57 Dear Life: An informative essay, which will surely quatterly a worthwhile read for those coming face to face with the decline or advancing years of a loved one. She was so alive, caring, amazing I’d give this 10 stars if I could! By logging in you agree to our Terms of service and Privacy policy.

quarterly essay 57 dear life on caring for the elderly by karen hitchcock

Sep 19, Dylan rated it it was amazing. In the end, it was so much more complex than that, and he ended up changing his mind and going in to hospital. May 07, Elinor Hurst rated it really liked it.

So who does feed our patients? 5 graph is for informational purposes only. Shopping cart Show cart. My lists My alerts.

quarterly essay 57 dear life on caring for the elderly by karen hitchcock

Dispatched from the UK in 3 business days When will my order arrive? Most of the patients now entering hospitals suffer from more than one physical problem; they are older, and have complex social circumstances that need to be addressed.

So I accepted a last-minute job as a trainee in nuclear medicine — interpreting fuzzy scans and injecting radioactive isotopes — but I missed talking with flesh-and-blood patients, regretted leaving the wards. To reduce tge disease, the actions we need to take are societal: Democracy and the Rise of the Strongman.