Poor performance in marketing. Does this factor make a difference in our decision about which strategy to pursue? Arrival of new competitors to the market 0. If they like one strategy over another one, they move it up on the list. Make a list of internal factors 10 to 20 strengths and weaknesses. Creation and implementation of strategic plan.

This stage includes In chart 1 four stages of comprehensive framework which an evaluation matrix of internal factors and external factors. Strategic Management and Business Policy: Hassan Gholipour, T; Aghazadeh, H. Having a careful look at SWOT figure 2 and QSPM table 4 matrixes, we find that losing opportunities and neglecting other threats can pose the company into a critical position , on the other hand shifts it from WO cell to WT cell. At first, the important factors of success in this industry are listed and a weight ranging 0,1 is given to them.

Strategy formulatingvia comprehensive framework of strategy. The higher the Total Attractiveness Score, the more attractive the strategic alternative or critical factor.

qspm case study

Strong customer relationship management CRM 0. Arrival of new competitors to the market 0. The BCG model is a well-known portfoli In this study, agricultural sector and animal husbandry strategies are determined simultaneously. Therefore we would be able to determine relative 2.

Poor performance in marketing. Comprehensive model of strategic management Internal evaluation Organizationa l horizon and mission Long-term goals Analysis and selection of strategies Strategy implement ation managem ent issues Strategy impleme ntation Evaluation of performance quality External evaluation Figure 1- Comprehensive framework of strategy formulating Arabi, 6- Mission The production and supply of excellent sanitary ware in Iran and Middle East markets for the consumers of sanitary and ceramic ware consumers, to provide the stable profit for the stockholders via making customers happy, using knowledge-based structure and committed employees and useful interaction with business partners and social responsibility.


Some human resources that leave the company and cooperating with competitors. Visit our discussion forum to see more.

Formulating strategy by SWOT and QSPM matrix (case study

Offering reasonable price in customers opinion 0. If the answer to this question is yesthen the strategies should be compared relative to that key factor. Finally based on research results and analysis some strategic recommendations and qsom were given for better conduction of the organization goals. In such include [9]: Existence of an appropriate situation for research and development and also pilot implementation of products through Baridsoft’s reputation and credibility among 0.

Then, the collected information was classified and a list of the most important weaknesses and strengths, threats and opportunities was provided and for re-evaluation was presented to the founders of company and then the mean of their comments was used for data analysis. At this stage, for developing strategies, attraction of each strategy.

Most companies in the country are bureaucratic. Add this document to saved.

qspm case study

Advances in Economics And Business, 3 4 They are now asking which option is the better one. The left column of a QSPM consists of key cawe and internal factors identified in stage 1. Home Czse List Article Information.


In one side of this matrix the strengths and weaknesses of the organization are located and on the other side the opportunities and threat 4. Harvard Business Review, 82 10 Doing some easy calculations in the Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix QSPM, we came to a conclusion that acquiring a competing company is a better option.

Strategic management in environment. You might need Schengen visa How to find a job? Lacking a centralized team for industry, stock and energy.

qspm case study

The effect of application of Indonesia national standard on cocoa industry and strategy to face the Asean economic community in It is important to note that strategies subject to comparison should be mutually exclusive if possible. In this stage organization based on missions, values and etc.

Formulating strategy by SWOT and QSPM matrix (case study

International Journal of agricultural Management and Development is licensed under a. Political, caes, technological and social factors total industry. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, 51 3 ,