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Jun 2, - Man Gives Birth (NSWF). DrBellyJock Offline Member WARNING: A very graphic, yet visually realistic depiction of male childbirth if it were through the penis. This is not amateur by Sorry if it sounds a cliché mpreg-fetish comment, but I'd have loved him to have a bigger belly: D Anyone knows the name. Meet the People Who Have a Pregnancy Fetish Darla. Age: 24. A indendent escort for Norwich and surrounding areas! I can actually relate to that feeling when you can't poop and it feels like all your intestines are filled with shit and your stomach is bulging out. But let's cast aside studies and evolutionary biology and odd bucket lists for a second. Apr 11, - Pregnant women attract men for many reasons, including their telltale "glow." I was taken aback when one of my single guy friends once told me having sex with a pregnant woman was high up on his bucket list. To my surprise, he admitted that he finds pregnant women attractive. Eufrat. Age: 28. You will find I make the perfect companion for every occasion and am completely at home at all venues, homes, houses, apartments, residences and hotels in Prague Was that guy hot for my baby bump? Nov 10, - In a previous blog, I examined maieusiophilia a sexual paraphilia and/or fetish in which an individual derives sexual pleasure and sexual arousal from particular aspects of human female pregnancy. In his book Forensic and Medico-legal Aspects of Sexual Crimes and Unusual Sexual Practices, Dr. Anil. Jun 3, - Whether you're attracted to your pregnant wife or someone else's, pregnancy is a sign of desirability. Clearly, if you're pregnant, somebody wanted you. Evolutionarily, this incites a sense of competition among men. Something different? A pregnant woman's body changes often, which can be a turn on for.

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Anikka. Age: 27. Watsap/viber: Men Giving Birth Bonus video on the REACT channel: NEW Videos Every Week. Creepy reason women give birth lying down is all down to one man and his fetish. Giving birth lying on your back is a comparatively new practice, compared to other positions. Share; 5Comments. By. Zahra MulroySocial Audience Editor. , 1 MAR Lifestyle. The whole thing, and especially your comment reminded me of the Cosby episode where they imagine all the men are pregnant and give birth to what they really want. One was a . (0 children). Yeah, it's like the wife has some kind of extreme scat fetish that the husband was nearly injured trying to satisfy.


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