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Jun 2, - Lately, my husband has started to insert his finger in my back passage when we have sex. I can usually stand it for about 30 seconds then have to pull his hand away because it hurts. Then he sometimes attempts it again – but I have to do push him away. He used to just lightly touch me there and that was. We asked 6 guys whether they liked a finger up the bum and here's what they said | Metro News Renee. Age: 24. huge kiss Talk to your man about whether you are happy to do anal play. I don't like using a condom. Apr 19, - One sexual desire, for many men, is for a finger to be inserted into the anus. It makes perfect sense, as the 'male G spot' is located in a male's prostate, which is behind the anal wall. When the prostate is stimulated, it can give a man incredible amounts of pleasure. But still, putting a finger into a man's bum. Karina. Age: 28. Splendida 30 enne fisico da urlo amo passare momenti intriganti in compagnia con uomini sensibili, brillanti e generosi, veri gentleman He puts his finger into my anus May 22, - This walnut-sized gland is located directly underneath the bladder, inside the anal canal. The gland is in close proximity to the rectal wall, which can be accessed through the anus. It is loaded with sensitive nerve endings, which is quite pleasurable when massaged with fingers. But make sure your man is. Dec 16, - But your rectum and anus are much cleaner than you might imagine. The most important thing to know is that poop doesn't just sit right at the entrance of your anus, eagerly awaiting the moment that you sit down on the toilet. Unless you're already prairie doggin' it before starting anal play, your fingers are.

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Cipriana. Age: 30. For the generous and hot guys i am ready for anything ! Nov 27, - (1) Alice,. Is it safe for a man to insert fingers in his rectum? 'Cause I heard anal fisting can tear the anal wall and can be dangerous But is finger anal stimulation dangerous as well? Ann Sermee:) just kidding; I'm a guy. (2) Dear Alice,. I recently posted the question about the finger in the anus. I'd first of all. For a start, there are tonnes of tingly nerve-endings collected around the rectal area, which can produce glorious pleasurable sensations when stimulated; plus, if a girl slides her finger in far enough – about 2 or 3 inches up her bloke's anal passage – she'll find his prostate, a gland that produces about 30% of the volume of. Anal play is any kind of sexual activity that involves your butt. This can include: Putting fingers around/inside someone's butt; Putting a tongue around/inside someone's butt (rimming); Putting a penis* inside someone's butt; Putting a dildo or other sex toy inside someone's butt; Putting a hand inside someone's butt (fisting).


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