A smartphone brings many benefits to its users. Smartphones allow users to communicate in multiple ways. Write an article on the visit for the school magazine and describe your activities there. Your target audience would be the general public, so use formal language. The Exploration Club decided to organize a visit to the National Science Centre as part of the club project. A healthy lifestyle is important for our well-being. Compost – mixture of decayed plants, food, etc.

Write an article on how to look after your pets Explain about the attention and care that needs to be given. Many people have ended up in danger after being deceived by such dishonest people. State the things you have to do to beat stress. Exercising can also resist stress. Additionally, try to get enough sleep. Some of us played games with them while others sat at the tables and did craftwork with them.

In addition, smartphone users can surf the Internet whenever and wherever they want.

Write the article using the pictures and notes below. Socializing on the Net. The Benefits of Smartphones. It cuts down on the amount of rubbish we throw away. They can read news online, stream videos and search for topucs.


Water is necessary for our survival. Use all the points given in the question. A balanced diet keeps us healthy and strong.

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With the help of some of the less disabled children, we painted the walls in bright pink and yellow. That engliwh we help to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gasses that leads to global warming. Use the pictures and notes below. There are some tips that students can practise to beat their stress.

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Bekijk hoe je reactie-gegevens worden verwerkt. The nearby jungles are ideal for trekking and studying nature. The waters around the island teem dssay a variety of marine life. It was an eye-opener and turned out to be very enlightening. The trip took place in the first week of the second semester.

pt3 english essay topics

When people do not get enough sleep, they become confused, irritated and may make mistakes because they are less attentive. Use the past tense for past events. Malaysia attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. A smartphone is indeed very useful and provide faster communication to the users. So, what can we recycle? By exercising, your body will produce endorphins which makes you feel good. The effects are not only short term, but have long lasting effects as well.


Exercising regularly helps us to englidh our muscles, lose weight and improve our blood circulation. We cart also cut down on waste by reusing bottles, boxes and tins. This is important for good personal hygiene.

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If we eat healthily, our bodies will become healthier and stronger. In the north, the island of Penang is a popular destination for those who want to relax by the beach and enjoy water sports. Recycling has a dssay of benefits to our environment. Keeping pets is not only a hobby, but also a responsibility. A lot of people are interested in recycling but how many of us actually do.