However, Lola’s happiness is short-lived when Alden appears. Lola Nidora receives a call from an unknown person but she could not hear the person on the other line because of poor signal. If Alden can beat Lola in a game of Rock-paper-scissors , she will let the couple sit at the smaller table, and even shake hands. Retrieved 16 February During her production number, Yaya Dub portrays a slender princess in a kingdom filled with larger women. The pairing of Yaya Dub and Frankie is referred to as “YaKie” a combination of their names that deliberately sounds like “yucky.

Lola Nidora remains worried because of the increased ransom and tells Yaya Dub not to listen to anyone else but only to her. Dating Tips – Facebook”. Retrieved 10 December Nidora informs the couple, that in order to proceed to their date, Alden and Yaya Dub will have to do a matching game again. Frankie is jubilant because his wedding with Yaya Dub is on and he will now get his inheritance. The Broadway commentators and Tidora are still curious about the mysterious voice they heard yesterday. It is revealed that Yaya Dub is the victor and Alden is happy for her.

Alden buys the items immediately and asks Lola if he can bring it to Yaya personally.

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While everyone else is busy tidying up at the mansion, Tinidora discloses that the call she received yesterday was from her ex Bill, who wants to reconcile with Tinidora. Yaya Dub’s employer and adoptive grandmother, Lola Nidora, is initially against the couple’s budding romance. Yaya Luvs and the Lolas try their best to make Yaya smile to no avail but she lightens up when Bae-by Baste serenades her.


problem solving eat bulaga march 4 2015

Kung Hei Fat Choi! A very hurt Yaya Dub attempts to escape but is eventually recaptured by the Rogelios while Alden is last seen crying. Nidora then arrives furious, disappointed with the Rogelio’s for not obeying her buoaga orders.

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Retrieved 29 October Retrieved 18 May Alden attempts to catch up and stop the wedding. There are a few days left before the big event. Nidora calls for a medic due to her extreme anxiety, but Tinidora and Yaya promise her and each other that they will confront the mysterious person together. Later, the riding-in-tandem arrives and delivers a letter to Lola Nidora, who cries upon reading it.

Ang Mapait na Nakaraan – Facebook”. Lola Nidora returns and tells Alden that it is Siesta time, so Alden decides to leave.

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They also do not want a place that is dirty, bulata and doesn’t have any water. Both Alden and Yaya Dub reminisce the moment they saw each other, though fleeting, and they compliment each other on how they look in person. Retrieved 11 May Yaya Dub is also excited that the next day is the second monthsary between her and Alden.

problem solving eat bulaga march 4 2015

Retrieved 25 August Alden is still out-of-town due to other commitments. Retrieved 1 August Alden runs from Broadway and arrives at the intersection in 17 minutes, and Lola Nidora makes a mark at the scoreboard.


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They pass the test and arrive at a very long dining table, where a cut-out likeness of Nidora stands in the middle. Retrieved 31 May Frankie and Lola Nidora are dismayed that Alden has accomplished the recent challenge and take out their anger at the Rogelios. To her relief, Alden gets out from the van and gives roses to the Lolas.

Duh also notices that Alden is handsome and wants to meet him, but Alden only feels nauseous and vomits when he sees her. Beneath the bulaga is parody of the highest type.

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To prevent any scandal as Ursula was unmarried, Isadora decided to take Divina as her own daughter. Awards and nominations Philippine noontime variety television shows. Alden appears and exchanges pinky swears and kisses with Yaya Dub before Lola Nidora fends him off.

Retrieved 18 October First time Alden and Yaya Dub exchange pinky swear as a solvung towards one another. Duh flirts with Frankie and asks him to marry her, but Frankie is determined to marry Yaya Dub. Retrieved 27 October