It is a raffle promo sponsored by the powdered milk drink brand Bear Brand. Retrieved 7 October It serves as a promotional segment for the film Istokwa , which stars Mark Anthony Fernandez , G. Participants must exchange 5 Coca-Cola bottle caps or 2 Coca-Cola bottle crowns for a card which contains a code in 7-Eleven branches. Eat Bulaga’s Excellent Student Award fetes thirty underprivileged but deserving elementary students from all over the country in as part of its thirtieth anniversary celebration and its gesture of paying back to the public who has supported the program all these years.

For the first round, there will be 5 stages in the shape of a heart that the candidates must step, the goal is for a candidate to reach the fifth stage to advance to the next round. Indonesia International Eat Na Ta! Home viewers get a chance to win different prizes just by texting a particular code that would appear right on their television screens. Contestants imitate different voices of well-known local and international celebrities, athletes, political figures, newscasters, and cartoon characters. Instead, the show is replaced with drama specials from Holy Monday to Holy Wednesday featuring heart-wrenching stories that convey important lessons about life and family.

It serves as a promotional segment for the song ” Hello Afrika ” by Sweden-based musician and producer Slving. Pinagbiyak na Bunga is an impersonation contest for contestants who can imitate the looks and the talent of a local celebrity.

Contestants get to have a split screen duet with a well-known local singer, usually one of their favorite performers. It is a promotional segment sponsored by the Philippine mobile network Globe. EB University is a one-day beauty pageant for male and female campus crushes from different universities across the country. Each round involves two people, one host and one audience member, per chair.


If the contender defeats the reigning BakClasherthe contender will become the new reigning BakClasher. The second challenge is a matching game, the candidates and the searcher must choose from 2 choices regarding random questions regarding their likes through writing on a portable whiteboard.

A subsegment of Juan for All, All for Juan: Pogi has become an important stepping stool for male teens who wants to enter the showbiz industry. Competitors from the barangay of the day play a modified version of the game potato sack race called “sack and field, field and sack”.

A notable contestant is comedian and former Eat Bulaga! The segment is a competition in which rock bands perform rock version of popular Filipino Christmas songs. As of present, there are 3 original members left, as some of them either joined other groups, married and in the jume of EB Babe Maiko, she died in a drowning accident. The child contestants recite their poems, and the judges then decide the winner of the competition. The winning contestants will go through a cycle of questioning until only one remains.

The objective is to simply have the contestant eliminate the hands without the coins. The game is divided into three rounds and begins with four contestants.

Solve for X

The sponsorship of Pilipinas Shell, however, was not obtained and the portion was renamed Lutuan sa Eat Bulaga! The fun tandem of Alden Richards and ‘Yaya Dub ‘ “. The project starts from the summer season until the beginning of a school year.

problem solving eat bulaga june 8 2015

It is a contest for mothers and their daughters. The first part is Sugod Bahaywhich eolving different lives of ordinary Filipinos and awards them with financial help for a new chance to realize their hopes and dreams.


problem solving eat bulaga june 8 2015

Certain questions will be provided during the show. Directed by Adolf Alix Jr”. Two acts one in each category will win in the grand finals. Mike Tuvieraa resident director for the show, revealed that the tandem was made by accident. For this round, the daily winners showcased their talents, where 2 competitors, from each cluster, were chosen to represent their respective clusters to solvingg next round: Everyone who is holding a ball in that color automatically receives a small cash prize.

Here are AlDub’s problrm awards:. The number of entries during the grand draw was so sllving that the draw had to be conducted at Quezon Memorial Circle with the help of a forklift. Each group is accompanied by an Eat Bulaga!

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The searcher and the candidate will stand on different sides facing each other and will undergo through four stages. The segment is presented by Patricia Tumulak. From the many groups that auditioned off-air, only five dance groups were chosen to compete in the one-day dance showdown live on Eat Bulaga!

One audience member has the poblem to win a cash prize based on the weight of the coins that they scoop and transfer from any of the six coin basins to the weighing scale in the center of the stage.