Candidates are judged on their looks, talent, and ability to finely answer a question. Once again, the segment ended on December 17,having a total of episodes. Lenten Special episodes, and the program will then ask a question related to the shown clip. Each barangay has a representative for the dance challenge, the group dancers must dance the novelty song Look Up by Ryzza Mae Dizon and Jose Manalo featuring Bob Jbeili. The entire studio audience are divided into three teams each with one leader. Throughout the jackpot round, the host makes a cash offer that would make the player think if he’ll go through with the game or withdraw with the offer.

This portion is exclusively sponsored by the local brand Alaxan. Each Dabarkads is accompanied by a well-known dance group. In the December 8, episode of Eat Bulaga! Contestants compete by playing the Brick Game. For each cycle of questioning, the contestants must line up behind one of the four choices to answer the question. The dance contest serves as a promotional segment for the song “I Keep On Saying” by Filipino pop rock band Nexxus after its release in

The contestants will be chosen from the Eat Bulaga studio, each contestant will be given three rings. It is directed by Ariel “Jose” Manalo. Kaya Mo Ba To? The original edition was a competition who are skilled at playing musical instruments, such as piano, guitar, or drums. It is a raffle promo sponsored by the powdered milk drink brand Bear Brand.

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The hosts of Eat Bulaga! Bayanihan of D’ Pipol. The contest serves as a promotional segment for AlDub ‘s first primetime television series, Destined to be Yours. They can improve learning skills such as problem solving.


Unlike in the American version where there is a fixed time limit per bomb and the timer continues after a successful cutthe player will be given 15 seconds for each wire the player has to cut. The person standing on that number and the three next numbers receive cash prizes and gift packs from the show and its sponsors.

In the event of bad weather, the studio hosts select seven entries. Whoever team has the fastest time in guessing wins the limited edition Eat Bulaga! The segment is sponsored by the international brand Del Monte Foods.

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The bulaa from the first two rounds then compete against each other 133 finally determine the ultimate winner. A second edition titled Music Hero: The contestants are given a blank word puzzle with only two letters given. It eeat a contest for mothers and their daughters.

It is a sponsored segment intended to promote the American musical comedy film Can’t Stop the Music as well as to hype up the Village People’s concert then in Manila. The first round involves an obstacle course that the group must complete. The emcees for the segment are Mr. If the player eliminates a hand that contains a coin, the player isn’t thoroughly out of the game.

The next pair then plays against each other in the second round. Communicate Dance Contest is one of the many dance contests created by Eat Bulaga!

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The searcher and the candidate must make an eye-to-eye contact first 20155 choosing their choices. Beneath the bulaga is parody of the highest type. Bluaga each cycle of questioning, the contestants must line up behind one of the four choices to answer the question.


Inthe one-day segment was revived under a slightly modified title, Miss EB Universeincluding the word “Miss” in the title and completely dropping the subtitle. Many preparations had already been done, with constant plugging during the show.

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It is a portion where there are two groups of pairs that will be facing in a challenge, each pair consists of one EB Dabarkads and one studio audience, the challenge was to consume as many food as they can in one minute. The competitors are judged on their overall presentation, creativity, and audience appeal. The quiz contest featured students augkst different schools, colleges, and universities in the Philippines.

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It served as a pre-programming for Eat Bulaga! It is an educational segment which aims to raise an awareness on how doing small things can make a big impact. The first part is the contestants will sing their song vulaga. The players alternatively drew a star to indicate if the phrase is English and a quick outline of the Philippine flag if it is Tagalog.

There are two contestants everyday.