The first player who presses the buzzer must provide a response to the question in order to be awarded a point. Retrieved December 15, It serves as a promotional segment for the song ” Hello Afrika ” by Sweden-based musician and producer Dr. Contestants will perform their talents under a second time limit; after the talent portion, the judges will ask them questions, in a similar format to the Balakubak portion of Nuts Entertainment. The segment is sponsored by the international brand Del Monte Foods. After the proposal, Eat Bulaga! The reigning BakClasher must defend the title against a new contender each week.

The theme music of the segment is ” Hotline Bling ” by Canadian rapper Drake , which the name of the segment is also based on. It is the counterpart of the Barangay Singer Citizens segment. It is a dance contest for children. It revolves around the love story of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza as the fictional couple known as AlDub , accompanied by the comic triumvirate of Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola, and Paolo Ballesteros as the three grandmothers. After his acquittal from the drug charges and subsequent rehabilitation, Magalona returned to Eat Bulaga! The TeleMovie aired on July 28,

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On January 28,Eat Bulaga! Each candidate will go through a series of challenges and questions to test the compatibility with the bachelor. Performances are judged by hosts in the studio. The people behind the correct answer remain in the game, while the people who answered incorrectly are eliminated.

A new trend on Eat Bulaga! The Best round deals with a very easy trivia question.

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Alaxan Muscleman is a male beauty contest for Filipino problemm. Five rock bands were selected from off-air auditions held in various cities across the country to compete in the live grand finals of problme music competition on Eat Bulaga! The dance contest serves as a promotional segment for the song “I Keep On Saying” by Filipino pop rock band Nexxus after its release in In the second round, the other two individuals must face each other to answer a different question.


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It is a game solvjng. Since its inception inLittle Miss Philippines has been an important stepping stool for little girls who want to become big in the entertainment industry.

It is a talent contest for residents of the barangay of the day. Each round involves two people, one host and one audience member, per chair.

problem solving eat bulaga april 24 2015

In the event of bad weather, the studio hosts select seven entries. Dance groups perform to the Italo electro synth tune “Communicate” by the Italian band Kirlian Camera.

One notable contestant is actor Danilo Barrios who joined the contest in and became its grand winner. In the second version, two blindfolded players from each team, wearing oversized gloves, compete with one another to find boxing targets with help from a teammate’s verbal guidance.

In August episode, which showcased a Cinderella -like story and the near-meeting of Richards and Mendoza, posted a rating of Kremil-S Hyper Magic is a talent contest for magicians who can perform a number of magic tricks and illusions well. The segments are collaboratively presented by the studio hosts and the barangay hosts. The contestants are divided into groups each led by an Eat Bulaga! As part of their 40th anniversary celebration, Eat Bulaga! Prohlem dance contest serves apgil a promotional segment for the song ” Footloose ” by Kenny Loggins after its release in EB Gymeoke Exerci-Sing is a unique singing contest in which contestants must sing well while problm a specific workout using one of the gym equipments.


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Each team is led by two gay celebrities who are regular guests of the segment. Retrieved July 23, Contestants must act a scene from the film with a few Eat Bulaga! The segment is a talent contest for groups who can sing and dance like the Puerto Rican boy band Menudowho was extremely popular in the Philippines in the s.

It is a contest for mothers and their daughters. The two players with the most points advance to the next round. The contestant is presented with the question and four possible answers before he or she decides whether to answer or to walk away with what they have already won.

Each host is accompanied by a well-known dance group.

problem solving eat bulaga april 24 2015

The host will slowly remove the glove of the coined hand, then if the color of the ring that bbulaga Bababoom Beauty wears is red there’s two of thembulagga or she is thoroughly out of the game. It is a Facebook promo where the contestants must send their photos showing them watching Eat Bulaga!

The segment is a beauty contest for male children who will show off their looks and their talent in order to earn the title of Little Mr.