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Part of the South Philippines insurgency. Moro group, Suara Bangsamoro, claimed in a post-fact-finding mission report that at least 7 civilians were killed and 3 others were injured during the Mamasapano clash. The reason behind President Aquino not sending reinforcements is because it would have violated the pending peace treaty between the MILF and the Philippine government which may lead to an all out war between the MILF and the country. Max Jim Tria, and Senior Insp. The ministry also expressed regrets to the loss and life and offered condolence to the families and relatives to the victims of the clash. Some foreign investors withdrew from investing in the country following the incident.

Tukanalipao, Mamasapano MaguindanaoPhilippines. The International Monitoring Team which oversees the implementation of ceasefire between government and the MILFsaid it will start its own investigation in regards to the incident.

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Badrudin Langalan, a farmer, was found dead hogtied at the wooden bridge in the barangay. President Aquino delivered a televised address on January An embarrassment of riches.

Some Senators also criticized the CHR’s stand. Retrieved February 9, Initially formed to battle against NPA and MNLF guerillas in the late s and early s, their tasks have been expanded to battle against organized criminal groups, terrorists, guerrillas and common criminals. National law enforcement agencies of the Philippines Special forces of the Philippines.


Lessons from Mamasapano

The severity of the policemen’s situation prompted the government peace panel to intervene and requested a ceasefire from the MILF. The Senate labels the conflict as a massacre due to the manner the 44 SAF personnel were killed while the Commission on Human Rights CHR insists that the incident was a misencounter and not a massacre.

Several sourced from Pakistan. The Federal Bureau of Investigation later participated in identifying Zulkifli’s body.

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Bahnarin Ampatuan, who is also implicated in the Maguindanao massacre case, is the brother of Mamasapano mayor Benzar Ampatuan. Australia — In a joint statement with Spain, Australia said through its Ambassador to the Philippines Bill Tweddel, stated that his government hoped that the incident will not derail the peace process. Not only one, but a whopping 44 members of the PNP-SAF were killed without mercy and were also robbed of their belongings.

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The operation caught the essah of many [ who? Retrieved March 13, It esday situated in the infamous SPMS Salbu-Pagatin-Mamasapano-Shariff Aguak Box where actors and factors converge to create a unique dynamics that demands strict adherence to coordination.

Jabidah massacre Manili massacre Tacub massacre Malisbong massacre Rodrigo Duterte16th President of the Philippines. Oplan Exodus, the last of the operations planned by the PNP was the only operation successful in neutralizing Marwan.


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Retrieved January 31, But what can you say? Turkey — The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed concern for the incident and hoped that the incident wouldn’t affect the peace process in Mindanao. The SAF had no time pnpp retrieve the body so they just cut off a finger, took a photo, and left his body there.

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Elite cops killed in Maguindanao clashes”. He also added that the Canadian government is awaiting further clarifications on what really happened in Maguindanao. Max Jim Tria, and Senior Insp. CHR chief, senators disagree on what to call Mamasapano incident”.

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The SAF initially planned to take his body for identification. Former PNP-SAF head Chief Supt Napenas estimates that each of his SAF snipers may have shot down at least 20 attackers in which the total casualties are[25] [42] but this was met with skepticism since there was no bodycount and there was edsay acceptable level of evidence to prove his claim and that the claim itself is hard to believe. We reserve the right to exclude comments which are inconsistent with our editorial standards.