Hearing loss during orgasm

Nov 2, - So there may be a couple of reasons some people lose their sight or hearing after an orgasm, according to Dr. Levi, and you can get the full scoop here. Also, this should probably go without saying: just because she's not losing all control of her senses when you're getting sexy definitely does not mean. Have you ever lost hearing for a few seconds when you orgasm ? : sex Leyla. Age: 26. Bondage Usually happens to most girls. Yes but only when I orgasm really hard. Mar 16, - Hello there, After I had an orgasm I couldn't hear well, that lasted for about a minute, but I thought I was going deaf. I think my hearing now is Tinnitus and Sex Life? Lolly. Age: 27. Sweet pretty Asian lady providing massage service Temporary loss of hearing after each orgasm? Hearing Loss after orgasm. jason I am an otherwise healthy 38 y/o male with no history of chronic illness. Former military and LE agent. I workout everyday (P90X). My resting heart rate is bpm, my BP is usually /80 or sometimes a bit higher, but that's my body, my total cholesterol is less than No hx of. Oct 7, - After climaxing I sometimes get a temporary loss of hearing. Not totally but my In your case due to increased activity of all glands during sexual activity, this tube gets blocked and while it is blocked, you experience partial block or hearing loss. A related discussion, Hearing Loss after orgasm was started.

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Lyen. Age: 24. My name is danyela romanian beauty and nice girl,high 170,with 2 cup fabulous natural breast and I if you would like to spend time with somebody young and sophisticated search no longer!I i m a very good looking, a presentable zurich escort girl for any ocassion or event Feb 10, - Well, I'm seventeen, female, and i masterbate every now and again. But everytime i do, after i have the orgasm, i slightly lose my hearing. It sounds muffled and i can hear that slight high pitch sound. It really freaks me out, and i don't know. Dec 31, - “This can cause temporary hearing loss as the air takes its time to leak out, and reset the balance,” says Choa. Hearing could also be hampered because blood vessels in the ear swell during orgasm. The problem only becomes serious if you start to feel giddy, and hear strange swooshing noises (from. Sep 20, - Also, during sex and orgasm, some parts of the brain are switched on, and others switched off — including the temporal lobe, which covers hearing and sensory association. Finally, he argued that a release of chemical endorphins could also affect the neurotransmitters in the brain, causing a change in.


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