Brookfield uses this information from students to constantly improve his teaching practices. What classroom experiences are memorable? Are there obstacles that will prevent learning? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The proposed program had an implementation guide sheet with engagement strategies; an assessment instrument ; and an evaluation plan. How will this educational experience inform my professional practice? Dental assisting is a profession that I love, and one that I am proud and passionate about.

Eventually, I offered to design any lesson plan which will directly complement the program. So, just like that, my first 2 assignments were completed. I elected to take the PIDP to be a better trainer and developer in my current professional practice; it has exceeded my expectations, and I can see the value in what I have learned because I feel more confident as an instructor. Initially, I thought I was a behaviourist because dentistry is a vocation that requires strict knowledge and skills: All these lessons were planned in consultation with the two instructors who gave me copies of their lesson inputs and assignments.

Reflection on the lesson. She explained that each PIDP assignment is designed to meet learning outcomes and not to torture learners. Using the matrix for evaluation as guide, I decided to work capsrone two media: So, I took a week off from work, booked a flight it was February, and there is no way that I was going to tackle a mountain highway in my carfound pdp place to stay near a bus route, and enrolled in the week-long course.


The guiding questions follow the ORID method:. In September ofI elected to enrol in the program.

pidp 3270 capstone project

Students were more inquisitive during and after the group dynamics. For the Listening class, 1. Discussing the answers to the quiz served as a summary review of the lesson.

They were expected to be hard-boiled eggs to illustrate the quick-peeling process. It provided a clear direction for students to follow as the lesson was played out. Student enthusiasm is heightened when one shares stories. The second Capstone class was in Listening last 4 April By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

PIDP – Capstone

The smart innovation studio at BCIT provided state-of-the-art audio-visual facilities and allowed students to appreciate the video and power point presentations. This was a profound realization for me. Prior toI would make lists of what I needed to cover in my instruction, but it was not organized; I did not have a clear plan of activities instructor and learneror a timeline.

How often are we given the occasion to reflect? Where have I taught in the past? How will I continue my professional growth in the future? I am living the dream in that I can continue in my current role at the OMS clinic, and I now have a faculty position at Okanagan College!!!

PIDP Capstone Project | My Learning Journey

Mostly, I want to get students involved in the learning process. I discovered that I can do this!

pidp 3270 capstone project

I appreciate this because I need to know if I am on the right track. Initially, I thought I was a behaviourist because dentistry is a vocation that requires strict knowledge and skills: I have a responsibility to my students to 33270 them to succeed in their own professional practice: The following reflection is my final reflectionof the PIDP, submitted at the completion of my Capstone Project, in its entirety with the guiding questions included in bold. Her response was receptive and professional.


Dental assisting is a profession that I love, and one that I am proud and passionate about.

PIDP 3270 – Capstone

Timely feedback, and think-backs guided me to begin considering myself as a professional educator, and not just a dental assistant. Christopher Gradin, provided me with previous lesson inputs so I can prepare lesson plans which would perfectly fit into the program landscape.

This is an instructor in training blog, come along for the journey and oroject as a cqpstone instructor is built! My instructor, Glenn Galy, asked me to read about different learning theories and decide which theory I align with.

Capstone Project (PIDP 3270)

I am a lifelong learner. How do I foster trust? My current practice in an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery OMS clinic requires me to train dental assistants new to the specialty.