How long after the cart leaves the top of the incline will the cart land on the floor? What is the efficiency of this inclined plane? Time dilation wikipedia , lookup. Vibration wikipedia , lookup. What is the magnitude of the force being exerted by the spring when the system reaches equilibrium? Through what angle will this engine rotate each minute?

What will be the magnitude of the centripetal force acting on the stopper? What is the thermal efficiency of this power plant? A baseball is thrown, with an initial velocity of The resulting output force is N. What will be the average velocity of the car during these 4. How long will it take for this boat to go meters upstream? A car, which has a mass of kg is moving with a speed of

What would be the direction of the centripetal acceleration of this person while in the location shown?


How long will it take for mass m2 to reach the floor? Be able to use trigonometry for physics Be able to add and subtract vectors graphically Be able to add and subtract vectors by breaking them into their components.

What is the required velocity for this space ship to remain in a stable orbit? Explain and give an example. What is the rate of acceleration of this block? How much upward force must be applied to this meterstick at the How much frictional force is available to bring the car to a halt?


How much upward force F would you have to apply to the right end of the board in order to lift that end of the board off of the floor?

A ball is thrown upward from the ground with a speed of Two masses are arranged as shown. What is the magnitude of the frictional force on this block as it slides to the right? Classical central-force problem wikipedialookup.

Centrifugal force wikipedialookup.

How much work will be done against the gravitational force in moving the crate to the top of the incline? How much gravitational potential energy was contained in the 5. The distance between the sensors is measured to be What is the magnitude of the torque being applied to the wheel? What will be the magnitude of the centripetal acceleration of this satellite? What will be your speed as you move around the center of the merry-go-round?

What will be the tension T in the string? A graph is made, as shown to the right, plotting the velocity of a car as a function of time. What will be the magnitude of the centripetal force acting on the stopper? An automobile travels 25 miles West, then goes 45 miles East and finally goes 15 miles West.

A satellite is orbiting the Earth at an altitude of km.


physics homework #31 second law

Approximately how long did it take for the ball to be stopped by the bat? What will be the horizontal velocity of this baseball at the highest point of its trajectory?

How does the gravitational force of the Sun on the moon compare to the force of the Earth on the moon? Suppose that this ball escaped from the roulette wheel while in the position shown, what will be the direction of the motion of the ball as it exits the wheel?

What will happen to the stopper if you let go of the string? What will be the lae of this projectile as it again reaches the ground?

Physics Homework Fall 2013

Why should graph III be very important? You fire your cannon.

The problem says that the system was moving right with constant velocity. Assuming negligible friction and that the maximum force that you are capable of exerting is lbs. What will be the velocity of the cart as it reaches the bottom of the incline?

What is the average speed of this cart?

physics homework #31 second law