The Visiting Student Program cannot assist you with housing. For the purposes of this medical school elective, a B-1 visa is required. These are typically done during your fourth year of medical school in the specialty you are interested in pursuing. It occurred to me that it can be pretty complicated so I thought it would be helpful to write a small guide. On the other hand, you have the potential to really fall in love with a program and its house staff!

There is no tuition fee charged. If you think your insurance meets all requirements, complete the insurance waiver form and send to Visiting Students Office, along with a detailed summary of benefits. From there, I listed all of my applications for each block, as well as the status of those applications. Figure out what electives you would like to do, as well as when and where. You may certainly include a letter of support from that faculty member with your supplemental application documents. Commitment to specialty Talk about why you are choosing emergency medicine. This is something I did not pay much attention to initially, and I wish I did.

If your medical school does not provide coverage, Northwestern University will provide coverage for Global Partner students at no additional cost. And, I can provide a list of the ones I found to anyone who is interested.

personal statement vsas

The fee must be received within 14 days of receiving the acceptance notification through VSAS. I have many attributes to contribute to internal medicine. After I completed my history and physical, I realized the questions I had asked relied upon my ability to combine my knowledge of pathophysiology along with the clinical presentation perrsonal a disease process.


Frequently Asked Questions

Please use the insurance payment form. If an elective requires a personal statement, this will be specified in the elective catalog and the VSAS elective description.

personal statement vsas

However, this is a personal statement and you a free to write and organize it as you desire. Give yourself plenty of time to work on your statement and revise it based on feedback. Visiting student rotations are designed for students who are enrolled in their final year of medical school and have already completed one full year of in-hospital clinical training.

Applications for the next academic year July — May will open in early April.

Impressing: Personal Statement | Department of Emergency Medicine | University of Washington

Letters can take several weeks to reach overseas addresses. After exploring other specialties, I reflected on the qualities that I wished to possess as a physician. Searching through these will provide you with helpful information things such as: After completing my twelve weeks on internal medicine, I discovered that four months later this patient was re-admitted for a pulmonary embolus, which combined with her diminished lung function, ultimately resulted in her passing away. Time off should always requested in advance and approval is obtained by your supervisor or department.

In order to be considered for other electives, you must reapply through VSAS. You may certainly include a letter of support from that faculty member with your supplemental application documents.

The policy you submit must clearly state that all these minimum requirements are met, including dollar amounts. I gained immense satisfaction from treating the whole person: While applying to elective rotations is not as intense as applying to residency, you should still have a game plan.


Summer and fall months July through Octoberin particular, are extremely full. You will be required to show your I form and disclose the conditions of your visa at registration.

Incomplete applications will be marked as ineligible until missing or erroneous documents are corrected. How will the experience make you a better family physician? Faculty members cannot override medical school policy.

Time to Make A Game Plan: VSAS for Med Students

Write a statement that could be used for several different specialties i. I admired my attendings’ breadth of knowledge across various medical disciplines, and I took pleasure in collaborating with physicians of all specialties, especially when the diagnosis proved to be difficult.

Please do not call the Visiting Students Office. No, the registration fee is waived for Global Partner students. Encouraged by these experiences with my patients, I was inspired to learn more about their conditions, not only for my own personal knowledge but also for their education as well.

Do not contact course directors, coordinators or faculty regarding availability.

personal statement vsas

Do not submit your policy directly to the Risk Management office. Organizing your statement There are many ways to organize your statement to get these points across. It is the responsibility of the student to submit a complete application for consideration.