Over the past four years, Britannia-Studylink has already assisted more than a thousand boarding students to find their right destination and settle in the UK. If you mention an interest in a particular career path, ensure you demonstrate some understanding about how you will get there, too – an awareness that you’ll need to pursue postgraduate training, for instance. Teachers Keep your students on the right path with our library of free resources. We will provide you with the latest information about seminars and expert analysis via email. Expert tips for uni – straight to your inbox. What excites you about the course and why do you want to learn about it more?

We want to know that you understand the importance of scientific elements of the course and the importance of statistics and experimentation. To provide personalized consultancy advice: Who we work with Find out more. To conclude, Bromsgrove is definitely a prospective and globalised uk boarding school. Teachers Keep your students on the right path with our library of free resources. These don’t have to be psychology textbooks or the works of Freud, Milgram or Zimbardo, but ideally something you’ve researched for yourself. This may involve us combining Personal Data that we hold about your use of our services with information that we have collected about your web usage.

Personal statement advice and example: psychology

You have the right subject to various exceptions and in accordance with data protection legislation in your country to jjpas certain Personal Data held about you and correct any inaccuracies. We may charge a reasonable fee for the processing of any data access request in accordance with data protection legislation in your country. MB Cheung, our senior consultant, has been writing education columns for major local newspapers for more than 25 years.


It doesn’t have to be a book or even something you’ve read with statemment eyes, either. Year 9 to Year 13 in senior school are equivalent to the Form in Hong Kong.

You may cancel your subscription anytime via email. It’s your statement, after all.

personal statement jupas

We will also conduct survey occasionally to enhance our quality of service. In addition, according to my school visit experience, Bromsgrove has the best facilities, that it is undoubtedly one of the best three campuses in the UK.

We bring you the useful information about UK education! We have no control over Personal Data that you submit to or receive from these third parties. Don’t waffle or say you want to study something just because it’s interesting.

Maximising your luggage space! Britannia help over students to study in the UK every year. Group products and services that can help you make good decisions. Here are some top tips on how to do so no reverse psychology required … Share this page.

How to start a personal statement: the killer opening

Get prepared for UKiset, here are the sample questions. One successful applicant finished her statement with a short paragraph about her Saturday job on a supermarket fish counter, describing the satisfaction she got from knowing how to gut and fillet a mackerel.

We may also collect information about you that is publicly available online, including your social media profiles. We tackle some of the most-googled personal statement queries.

You can also statemenr the right at any time after we have collected and used your Personal data for direct marketing purposes by: We use cookies to allow us peraonal selected partners to improve your experience and our advertising. What excites you about the course and why do you want to learn about it more?


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如何寫好Personal Statement?

How we collect Personal Data 3. Who we work with Find out more. Here are some of the ways we will use your Personal Data. By continuing to browse you consent to our use of cookies.

personal statement jupas

Understand the education system of the UK, and know how does it peraonal from Hong Kong. We also use advertising services and products provided by third party service providers such as marketing agencies and social media platforms for marketing and promotional purposes, which may involve us sharing Personal Data that we hold about you with them. Check out these personal statement examples Header Daily – MB Cheung.

personal statement jupas

Give details of any specific interests or ambitions you have that relate to the content of the course. We will take reasonable steps to try and ensure that your Personal Data is accurate.

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