There is sudden increase in bakery products for past certain period of time in the market. Parle constantly endeavors at creating products that provide nutrition and fun to the common man. Latest testimonials ads of Parle-G Celebrity Endorsement: Limited Parle , a leading Indian manufacturer of biscuits, had the honor of producing the best-selling brand of glucose biscuits in the world by volume, Parle-G. Moreover the availability of the product in India and its Exports has also been mentioned. Ex-with Salman Khan and Shan Warn Celebrity popularity Certain parameters that postulate compatibility between the celebrity and brand Advantages of a celebrity endorsing a Brand:

Marketing strategy is all about marketing a product. The brand is associated with the positive values of life like honesty, sharing and caring. As discussed in the earlier point the company can attract more retailers and wholesalers. The brand has managed to retain its leadership position because it has evolved its campaign with every consumption trend. A two hundred strong dedicated field force services there wholesalers and retailers. Parle — Gas a Brand:

Parle-G, the price warrior Retrieved fromhttps: The incredible demand led Parle to introduce the brand in special stufy packs and in larger festive tin packs. In a world filled with faces, how many do you remember? We had the Shah Rukh-Santro campaign. Concentrating on consumer tastes and preferences, the Parle brand has grown from strength to strength ever since its inception.

There are very few food ppg that are available for Rs a kg,” says Pravin Kulkarni, general manager marketingParle Products.


parle g case study ivey ppt

Low and mid-range price Segments – The pricing of the product is of low and mid-range so as it suits every ones pocket. This will help in increasing their sales. Currently, the brand uses two punch lines.

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Parle Company should take into consideration the pale and threats as discussed above. The pagle was all about fulfilling the dreams of children. Now, using more modern techniques for capacity expansion, they have begun spreading their wings and are going global.

Parle-G Case Solution Facebook. Parle G biscuits are available to consumers, even in the most remote places and in the smallest of villages with a population of just The value-for-money positioning helps generate large sales volumes for the products.

This ensures consistent and perfect quality across the nation and abroad. Fake brands like Parle G, Parle Jee tried to extract market share.

Parle-G is one of the oldest brand names as stuey as the largest selling brand of biscuits in India.

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Is to design a unique ad campaign that: The factories at Bahadurgarh and Neemrana are the largest such manufacturing facilities in India. The factory in Mumbai was the first to be set up, followed soon by the one in Bangalore, Karnataka. Tchk…’ the ego kicks in.

parle g case study ivey ppt

Regular customers would have noticed the number of biscuits in a pack come down from 16 to 15 even as each biscuit became lighter, but they seemed to understand the cost pressures on the firm. Parle Products has one factory at Mumbai that manufactures biscuits and confectioneries while another factory at Bahadurgarh, in Haryana manufactures biscuits.


Go to Application Have a question? These are all important aspects of marketing strategy. This would be similar to replication of their strategy of innovation following which they launched their product – Hide and Seek that is a premium segment product mainly focused in the urban or semi-urban market. First, the hard apprenticeship and the graduation to Master Cutter, then the elite tailoring establishment that eventually developed into a wholesale business to finally, the new business in confectionaries and biscuits.

Moreover the availability of the product in India and its Exports has also been mentioned. This can also help them diversify into different related markets. Thus it is mass production, mass distribution and mass promotion of Palre G for all buyers.

Higher degree of recall: Parle faces the adverse competition from Britannia. Parle constantly endeavors at creating products that provide nutrition and fun to the common man. Disadvantages of a celebrity endorsing a brand:. What makes the Parle G brand tick is also that it has been positioned on the casr platform a single pack of biscuit offers calories.