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Feb 2, - I have been married for 8 months now, and I have still not been able to penetrate my wife. My problem is that, whenever I take my penis near her vagina, I lose my erection. My wife too is a little fearful of the penetration. In some cases, whenever I am able to maintain my erection, I am only able to put the tip. Can’t penetrate my wife’s vagina, even though I'm hard/she’s wet Contessa. Age: 25. Are you in town on business and want someone with whom you can go to corporate events? Do you have a social engagement that you would like to attend with a beautiful date? In some cases, the body will ejaculate quickly in order to avoid the close encounter of intercourse. Jan 12, - Has sex been painful during penetration? It's not as uncommon as you might think. Here are six possible reasons you're having trouble in the bedroom. You're in the bedroom on your wedding night getting hot and heavy, when at that crucial moment, you squeal in pain as he tries to penetrate. It's your first. Stella. Age: 18. I'm a real elite companion, able to offer you the high class escort experience you've been dreaming about 6 Possible Reasons You’re Having Difficulty Penetrating During Sex Oct 23, - I also faced the same prblm with my wife. Could be some terror of mind. Relax her as much u can. avoid looking stressed for this. Toching, rubbing, kissing plays a great role in making a woman relaxed. try to arouse her with fingers and let her ask you to junge-generation.info whether it works. Reply to INDUS. Hi when I was first married I could not penetrate my wife's vagina the first 4 times even with Vaseline so I fingered her and got up to 3 fingers in gently then used a lot of Vaseline on my penis and got the head to go part way in it took about 10 or 20 tries to get fully in her but I did not get all the way in I think her vagina is about.

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Dani. Age: 21. Next tour in London for November, 2017 Jul 15, - My wife was a virgin and I was experienced. The first 8 times we had sex it worked fine (she did not participate at all in foreplay etc. but I penetrated her and orgasmed as well after minutes of sex). However the last 4 times she has been active in foreplay and I could not penetrate her. It seems like she. My masturbation has become even more regular since I am unable to have sex with my wife. Also my wife is very sensitive when I touch her vagina. Recently she has started enjoying fingering but she resists a lot if I do it with two fingers. I wonder how I will ever penetrate her with such small space. Also we tried penetration. Nov 24, - Your hymen is probably still intact, and your boyfriend may be finding that a little difficult to penetrate. And some men lose their erections while trying – or give up – because they are worried about hurting their partners. See a gynaecologist for a checkup and reassurance. Sometimes the hymen is tougher.


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