He waited outside until he was invited in by the boarding officers. I applied once before as a pilot but got put back 6 months. The exercise is divided into three phases: Strictly Necessary Cookies Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. There then follows a minute phase during which the Board Chairman questions each member of the syndicate about the setting, the problem, the chosen solution, the rejected solutions and the calculations. Enable All Save Settings.

So practice DST problems whenever you can Each syndicate member is given a copy of the exercise setting, some rough paper and a pencil. Once in the Medical Reception, the candidates received a briefing from the medical staff outlining what would take place over the next few hours and when their interviews would be. Then, he was given the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the brief, which he took advantage of to clarify some points as he knew he would not be able to ask further questions after this point. Next week, we will follow John through the next part of the exercise phase.

Recruitment will not stop however, it will slow to a trickle over the next few years. The group tests your ability to thrash out an answer within the group environment Each syndicate member is given a copy of the exercise setting, some rough paper and a pencil. I have not attended their myself, however it sounds like it hasn’t changed much since my attendance at Biggin Hill in The first 2 minutes of the exercise was spent in a survey of the course.

It’s important that the whole group is clear on the plan, contingencies, and timings. Group plans – free-for-all discussions around a scenario, how to achieve various objectives within certain constraints.

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Hello all, WSOp Hopeful here. If you are having to do long division and coming up with answers involving decimal places you have gone wrong and it’s time for a rapid re-think That will help you if they throw a spanner in your plan.


We left him as he was about to receive the Individual Planning briefing from one of the boarding officers. oacs

oasc problem solving exercises

I should have leased it while I still could. John smiled as that was exactly what let him down on his previous visit to OASC.

oasc problem solving exercises

In the review, John was given a clean bill of health and declared medically fit at this stage only to serve as a pilot; however, he was told that the results of his wolving and blood tests would remain outstanding and could impact his medical fitness for selection to FB P. The clear difference, as its name suggested, was that this exercise would be performed individually.

It goes into detail about all the exercises, what they’re looking for etc.


Then, having returned to Medical Reception, John was led to a treatment room for a thorough medical examination by one of exxercises doctors before being taken for his medical review. The figures are all nice and round such as 6 miles travelled at 36mph so how long to get there see if you can work it out?

Powered by GDPR plugin. John gathered exerclses his belongings and made his way to the Medical Reception to wait for his medical examination and interview.

Mine was a mountain rescue scenario and I was the team leader You can do it on long journeys by estimating how far you have to travel and noting your speed and trying to work out your ETA He now had one more exercise to undertake before the Exercise Phase of the Selection Process was concluded.

John kept an eye on the clock on the wall to get a rough idea of how much time remained. John was directed to pick up his notes, go to his syndicate room and knock on the door. It is a well known fact that only 1 out of 5 people who attend the selection centre will pass.


The main differences highlighted were that the Command Situation exercises lasted only 15 minutes and the nominated leader would be the only member of the team to receive a briefing from a boarding officer. For more information regarding any of these areas highlighted, please contact your AFCO and they will be able to give you more detailed information regarding specific cases.


While the candidate is being questioned, the Board Chairman is engaged in assessing the level of performance, commenting on confidence, work rate, perception, judgement, comprehension and numeracy. Sample Speed, Distance and Time questions.

oasc problem solving exercises

Use of this site indicates your consent to the Terms of Use. All of the syndicates were then led to the Exercise Hanger.


Also, when candidate number 5 was in the lead, he struggled in his problem solving of the exercise; so, John tried to guide him as much as possible without taking over and tried to encourage him quietly to keep him going.

All you need and more is available for free in hundreds of places, you just have to be bothered enough to ooasc out your finger and find it. The setting, chosen from a number available, contains a map and the brief of an imaginary situation which the syndicate team has found itself in.

In the last bulletin, John had completed the first day of the Exercise Phase having undertaken the Discussion and the Group Planning exercises.