Lastly, the spirit is terrible. Oakton High School is a strong acedimic school. Most of the teachers were great and I love certain classes like AP psychology, photography, and AP biology. Alum 2 days ago Overall Experience Report. Overall, the teachers provide a positive environment and are helpful with schoolwork.

Lastly, the spirit is terrible. Senior 4 months ago Overall Experience Report. I really like this school. Junior 8 months ago Overall Experience Report. They are now done with part of their AP Exam, and are moving on to the next part, which is individual research and presentations. SOL is taking a turn.

Close Back to Article. Some pros include that students strive for the best, are ambitious, and the tough academics of the school is promising for college preparedness.

All are unfamiliar for me, but it got better soon.

A high achieving high school with low diversity, Caucasians and Asians make up the majority of the population. Oakton though very diverse, is not in the best shape right now because of renovations. Parent 9 months ago Overall Experience Report.

oakton high school capstone project

I really enjoy the topics and the effort that the teachers put into their classes. There sdhool a lot of cultures in our school; one of my favorites is culture festival where you can experience diversity of our school and lots of culture shows. I got a bit carried away with my review, and it exceeded characters which by the way is an absolutely anemic limit for school reviewsso I put it on Pastebin for you guys to read.


However, I wish that some would just help students one to one and not intimidate them. They also made sure the students understood their grades did not define them. On the other hand, the stress caused by social and academic pressure has, from my experience and that of my peers led to extremely high-stress levels for students.

Major renovation started inmany parts of the school are closed off for scholl. Alum 2 days ago Overall Experience Report.

AP Capstone Takes On the Department of Education – Oakton Outlook

It is frequent that students get tunnel vision between their academics and college acceptances, which creates an overall toxic environment. Everything else at schoo school is quite mundane and nothing out of the ordinary; bad school food, good and bad teachers, ever-changing restroom and retake policies etc.

After presenting their projects, students ate at a food court and then went back to Oakton High School through metro. I love to write features and about the arts and entertainment Oakton is a challenging and very diverse school.

The presentation topics were on prison reform, mental health, human trafficking, the South China Sea dispute, genetic modification, and school choice.

Oakton High School is acknowledged and praised for being one of the only schools in Fairfax County for having the class.

Juniors Combat Finals Week. Academically speaking Oakton is a good school and has various programs and projects which are helpful for college readiness. Senior 5 months ago Overall Experience Report.

Oakton High School is a strong acedimic school. Among the people that came to watch the presentations, two people came from Chicago and New York as they have been involved in the process of developing the course. Senior 8 months ago Overall Experience Report. If you want a picture iakton show with your comment, go get a gravatar. Junior 9 months ago Overall Experience Report.


oakton high school capstone project

Most of the teachers are good and can help you if you need something. Each group, consisting of four or five people, was given 20 minutes to present their research as well answer required questions from College Board as well as any questions from the audience.

AP Capstone, a class offered to juniors and seniors, is a two-year research intensive program that allows for students to research many topics oaktoh their interest.

Also, we have career center.

Oakton Outlook

Things like the owkton of project based learning experiences and the capstone projects are very helpful despite being considered a pain by many of the students. High School is typically a roller coaster of emotions, but my experience at Oakton was still amazing and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Home Staff About Submit a Letter. Lastly, the spirit is terrible.