Three core readers and two signatories must approve the defense of the dissertation. If your dissertation includes images There are two major submission deadlines to which students must adhere in order to receive their degree. If you choose this latter option, fulltext copies will only be distributed at the request of library patrons for personal, noncommercial scholarly uses. The introduction should provide a brief overview of the structure i. Abstract The abstract summary outlines what you did and what you concluded.

Licensed images must be used in a manner consistent with license terms and conditions. The three “Doctoral Thesis Reader Sheets” and the “Doctoral Thesis Oral Defense Form” are kept on file in the department, and the Department Administrator is responsible for submitting these to the registrar following the dissertation defense by the Final Dissertation Deadline. The thesis should be typed or word-processed, with either 1. A high standard of presentation, grammar and spelling is expected. Ideally, students should meet with their IR academic advisor towards the end of their second semester in the program to discuss their proposed thesis topic and to identify a thesis supervisor. Maintenance of Matriculation MM GSAS requires continuous enrollment of its students each fall and spring semester until the relevant degree is granted.

nyu gsas dissertation guidelines

This is of fundamental importance as it dissergation ensure that your thesis has a clear focus. Doctoral Dissertation Submission Guidelines and Forms: Faculty members with a heavy teaching load or external commitments may not take on students every semester.

Submitting Dissertations

The three “core” readers include the student’s advisor and two other faculty members. Many International Relations theses are ‘applied’ rather than ‘theoretical’, and you may find it difficult to be explicit about your chosen methodology.

Documentation and accompanying forms are required at each of these stages. Your analysis might draw on: Submit thesis abstract and research outline as PDFs to ir. You will not be able to review all the relevant literature but you should be able to reflect some major differences of viewpoint or approach by becoming familiar with some of the principal works that have touched on the problem. Critical Any theoretical approach can result in criticism of international relations, but a critical approach to the use of evidence is one that is grounded in the analysis of social conflict or relationships of power for example, Marxism, feminism, or post-structuralism.


September graduation – Doctoral Dissertation Submission Checklist.

Research and Libraries at the Institute

Methodology concerns the relationship between your theoretical stance and the manner in which you conduct your investigation. Institute of French Studies. To set up a PIN, call Registration at Please read the section on formatting the dissertation carefully, because the rules on page margins, footnote format, etc. The candidate is required to register for graduation on Albert at least 3 months prior to the expected date of graduation Preliminary Dissertation Filing Steps The candidate must submit the Preliminary Dissertation Paperwork to the GSAS Office of Academic and Student Affairs by the preliminary dissertation deadline.

nyu gsas dissertation guidelines

It is not the same as your research topic; it is a specific question that you want to try and answer. Advising sign-up sheets for each semester’s courses are posted as follows:.

Dissertation Defense Guidelines

The top of the submissions should include your name, semester that you will complete the thesis, and your email address. It should critically evaluate earlier work in the field, paying due attention to its contributions, and to any methodological problems and limitations involved. This is one of the most important parts of your dissertation as it links with your methods and can help with structuring your dissertation.


Are there implications for future research? The final document will be submitted during the month of graduation. A dissertation at the Institute of Fine Arts can be no longer than 60, words approx.

At this time, the student should contact the Academic Office about scheduling a defense. Registration Eligibility Gss students register for classes directly via AlbertNYU’s web-based registration system. Figures will be numbered in the same way, i. Methodology and research methods This is likely to be a short section giving details of the types of material you have used, books, peer-reviewed articles, grey literature, press reports, internet based materials.

Submitting Your Dissertation

The student must also make one complete copy of the dissertation available electronic or hard copy to all five committee members no later than one month prior to the defense. Images can be included in dissertations distributed via the IFA Dissertation Collection when in accordance with fair use, or with permission from the the copyright holder. Authors relying on fair use should ensure that their use is consistent with fair use law and best practices, as set forth in Visual Resource Association: Please read through below for more information regarding thesis checklist and deadlines.

It could finish with mention of the principal points on which you would expect to be able to reach a conclusion but, of course, not the conclusions themselves. If you have questions about image rights, please contact the Scholarly Communications Librarian fairuse nyu.

nyu gsas dissertation guidelines

The Registrar’s office will only allow students in good standing to register.