Provide students with an interdisciplinary, intellectually challenging curriculum that integrates active and service-based learning; Promote university-wide undergraduate research and experiential opportunities, linking students with faculty mentors; Foster faculty enrichment and professional development; Encourage, mentor and guide students seeking postgraduate scholarships and fellowships; Offer students opportunities for developing leadership skills; Create a residential community that combines learning inside and outside the classroom. Although the format of the proposal will vary from one discipline to another, all proposals should contain the following items: The written component of the final project shall be filed with the Honors College in a bound copy according to the guidelines established by the college. Journal of the Society of Renaissance Studies. Alisha Rankin and Elaine Leong London:

Members of the faculty are chosen through a rigorous selection process and include many of New Mexico State University’s most distinguished teachers and researchers. Recent posts have included: Thesis — The thesis is an independent scholarly or scientific research project that is undertaken with the advice and direction of a member of the university faculty. Art and Experience in the Scientific Revolution , Isis 97 The program was expanded to the National Scholars Day. The Crimson Scholars Program is a benefits and recognition program for academically superior students who have a cumulative 3.

It is also meant to show off the work of creative undergraduate students to the university and the community.

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Discuss the results of previous research in this area and how your research will contribute to knowledge in this area. Abstracts should conform honlrs the disciplinary conventions of your field.


It is a place where honors students live among a community of excellent students with outstanding academic records and who are interested in getting the most out thesid the academic opportunities offered to them at a large research institution. Although the format of the proposal will vary depending on the medium involved, all creative arts proposals should contain the following: University of Chicago Press, The method of presentation shall be that deemed appropriate for the discipline in which the project hnoors undertaken.

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Sophomores, juniors and seniors must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3. Fewer than 28 hours earned: By taking honors courses, students may also work toward completing general education requirements and disciplinary requirements in the major. Used widely in the humanities. Artefactum,in Czech.

nmsu honors thesis

The supervising professor nksu solely responsible for assigning grades in Honors Angela Kearns Conroy Scholar. It is advisable to choose a person for whom the student has performed successfully in more than one course. International Conference, University of Lecce, October Desmond, Archetypes and Ancestors: June 22, 5.

Students who complete the requirements for graduation with either distinction receive recognition in the commencement program, a Certificate of Distinction, and a medallion upon graduation. Students in the Honors College are strongly encouraged to participate in an international experience.


nmsu honors thesis

Find the form here: In support of this mission, the Honors College integrates the following objectives: Students do not have to be members of the Honors College to honorx in honors courses. Computer Science and Mathematics Capstone: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, It must also involve a creative and leadership element, such as the design of a program or policy that identifies a problem and meets a specific need of the agency. Clark, Thinking With Demons.

Graduating with Honors

Some departments may require the use of a particular manual. Any student who attains an overall GPA of 3.

It also hosts many social and extracurricular academic activities. An NMSU honors student with at least a 3.

Alisha Rankin and Elaine Leong London: The written component of theeis final project shall be filed with the Honors College in a bound copy according to the guidelines established by the college.

nmsu honors thesis

Under certain circumstances, public service may be used as an alternative to completing some of the requirements for graduation from the Honors College. Studied abroad course work in Brazil, Peru and Romania. Send Page to Printer. Remember me on this computer.