Symbolically, this implies the unification of the upper world of Reality with the realm of Fantasy and imagination, breaking with old regimes and harmonising them in a balanced existence. In Neverwhere, we find ourselves in plain old London, with plain old Richard Mayhew, a tourist from America. The Descent to the Under- world in Modernism. Plot twists and mysteries, action and romance, there’s almost nothing more Gaiman could have put into this book to make it better, though I’m sure, with his talent, he could have figured something out. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Thus, from the never-stopping process of the monomyth we have a never-ending movement, a never-ending story. Accompanied by the Marquis and Hunter, Theseus-like Richard follows his way towards the lair of the Great Beast of London —the minotaur at the heart of the lanyrinth—.

The main subversion of the mythical pattern in Neverwhere lies in the frag- mentation of the monomyth into three different quests —an echo of the fragmen- tation of reality in the postmodern world—. What is the appeal of exploring a world that exists beneath the surface of our everyday lives? This fact involves an upper level of meaning: The road leads him to the entrance into a labyrinth. Choose an optimal rate and be sure to get the unlimited number of samples immediately without having to wait in the waiting list choose a membership plan. Like the axis or umbilicus mundi, or also the Ivory Tower, all of which are images recurrently used in literature from the Middle Ages, through Shakespeare and Robert Browning to T. And he grinned white teeth, momentarily, as if at a private joke of his own […].

Sign up for one. To this end, Hunter, the warrior in charge of protecting the group, has to be sacrificed by the narration and avenged by the hero, who is already conscious of being the chosen one by means of several dreams of the Beast that he had had.

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However, despite all these improvements, Richard in fact has just returned to the same situation he found himself in before starting his journey to Therefore, by the application of the monomyth to the postmodern contemporary society, the novel seems to actualize the classical pattern, percolating it with contemporary ideas —such as the deca- dence of metanarratives like Reality or Culture— and techniques —such as pastiche and rewriting of canon- ical old stories and intertexts—.


It moves towards a new beginning, a rebirth after an event, his death, which will transform his personality. It is a rewriting of an old story, taken outside neverwhhere original context of classical mythology, thus adding an ironic element of the new beverwhere.

For more reading guides, or to learn how to start your own Reading Group, visit HarperCollins. He is not only given his life back, but even a better one, with a better social status. Richard has found the treasure of the powers of the imagination, but these pow- ers eseay exist in the real, accepted world.

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neverwhere essay topics

Mid-Book Test – Easy. That is, they are the classical representation of the figure of the vampire, or the succubus. Likewise, Dorothy already had the magical shoes to go back home from the very beginning of her quest —when she accidentally lands with her house neevrwhere the wicked witch—.

neverwhere essay topics

The road leads him to the entrance into a labyrinth. As the next step in his ordeal, Richard meets his shadow, which tells him the same. Thus, although it seems to be quite pessimistic in its analysis of contemporary society, Neverwhere offers an escape towards the world of the imagination that does not imply a symbolic —sometimes a physical— death.

The great characters especially Mr. In order to complete the circle he just has to return to London Above and become master of the two worlds. In this case, the goddess hides herself under the name of Lamia, from the tribe of the Velvets.

The Russian formalist analyses this initial situation as one of two possible types: Like The Odyssey, Alice in Wonderland, and many mythological stories, Neverwhere involves a descent into an underworld. The cat gives him a new name, The Marquis de Carabas, and plays wonderful tricks to convince the king to give his daughter in marriage to the youngest son of a miller. Hence, the novel jeverwhere self- conscious of its use of this structure as well as of its ultimate aim to subvert the monomythical pattern, trying to mark the difference given by the changes in the social structures.

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He leaves the underworld to enter the para- disiacal hell which is reality. As in the French tale, it is the youngest daughter, Cordelia, the one who is given the worst part,49 and it is the youngest daughter who proves to be the most valuable of the three. Therefore, myth cannot be perceived in terms of historical sequence of events, for it is always narrated in a topicx time, ab origine Eliade University of Minnesota Press.

This site uses cookies. What is the significance of the Angel Islington turning out to be the betrayer and perhaps the most evil character in the novel? Vandemar, have some of the most hilarious, scary, and downright neevrwhere moments in the entire book. At this moment a new intertextual character is introduced in the narration: Her story starts in medias res, as Door is already running away from the villains after the death of her family.

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The common characteristic between Mansfield Park and Neverwhere is the presence of a female protagonist, Fanny Price and Door, respectively. Therefore, from the historical point of view, the path the Marquis follows as he escapes from Mr Croup and Mr Vandemar is literally taking him towards his own execution.

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