Keep up the great work! Also the technique of diegetic sound is employed, where rushing water currents are used to build up tension and build imagery of the violent nature of discriminatory ideologies like genoism. ET10 hi teachers Can you please give me some feedback on this essay. It would be really great to be able to get excellence on this paper so anything that could help towards that would be extraordinarily helpful, particularly in the ‘perceptive’ aspects! Can you please tell me what you think? Symbolism Hello studyit, I would like to ask you guys about symbolism in both visual and written essays. Hope this provides some support.

Kia ora user Essay attached. Id also be so very grateful for any other feedback! Thanks Studyer Hi studyer Yes, you could use symbolism to answer this question. Therefore, the beach setting acts as a backdrop to develop the idea that the discrimination is so violent that it can even divide the strong familial bonds apart. My main suggestion is that you aim to write much less.

Hi studyit, I was wondering what you would talk about if you come across a significant event question such as analyse a significant event that intensifies a theme in the written text.

Studyit: [] Level 2 VISUAL text post all your Qs here

Hi eggstudent Yes – the 5 paragraph structure includes intro, 3 body paragraphs or three main points raised in your argument and then the conclusion.

This is a great essay that fully answers the question and uses examples well to support your ideas. Maybe the setting creates conflict, leevl and complications – such as in Mississippi Burning or the setting is vital for the events of the plot such as “[u]Shawshank “. Knowing the dangerous implications of discrimination and its effects on the dear relationships we may hold, we must be even more conscious with how we respond and quedtions with society and what it is telling us.


wnglish For example, in my symbolism essay for Shawshank, in the last section I talk about how Andy was able to overcome the psychological effects of institutionalization so he can achieve mental freedom, and he did this through his firm belief that he will be free one day, etc.

If you can be very detailed that would be really great, because I didn’t do well last year and I’d really like to improve.

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Little did he know, the guilt would slowly creep back into his life and torture him esssay he can redeem himself. My main concern with the essay paragraph on the setting question is whether the setting relates to the character.

Amir forgetting what Hassan will never forget.

ncea english level 2 essay questions 2014

Seeing Rahim reminded Amir of his sin that he did not want to confront. Amir finds Sohrab and saves him from becoming an orphan. Hi Mafia It does depend on the angle of the question. I am concerned at its length.

ncea english level 2 essay questions 2014

Because I was just writing a practice essay with the question: I was wondering if you could look over my level 2 visual text essay and give me some feedback to improve before the external coming up. I really loved the clarity of your essay.

You have followed some suggestions given. Kia ora user Essay attached. Without the positive influences of Rahim Khan, Amir would not be good again. Display posts from previous: Birds become a symbol of freedom representing civilisation from the outside world.

You would be showing how the character was crafted, which might include symbolism, to present the author’s ideas or message. Thanks you Hi subjectstodo YES. Amir was afraid of going back to his hometown due to not wanting to confront his actions in the past.


Be sure to read this if you wish to post more: If you intend answering this question, you need more material to discuss. Can you use a character as symbolism?

Thank you The essay that you have attached is not my essay! It would be really great to be able to get excellence on this paper so anything that could help towards that would be extraordinarily helpful, particularly in the ‘perceptive’ aspects! Found this question in the exam Essay Hi, If possible, would someone please please be able to have a look at this film essay for me. Thank you so much.

His inferior genetic makeup deems him as a mcea citizen than those of genetically superior valids, and thus he is prevented questiions fulfilling his dream of traversing space.

ET12 Hi seaurchin I think this essay is rather light in content itself on symbolism. He is finally safe and Amit is proud of his actions. Is about how symbols helps the audience understand an idea SINGULAR in the film Though many are familiar to the concept of discrimination, the 2041 to which its possible consequences can inflict on our society are often undermined.