What does the Municipal by-laws state on solid waste management concerning liability on failure to pay for waste fee collection? Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Section 4 3 of the established by-law requires the waste carriage trucks to be tighten to the extent that the carried waste is not seen and does not fall down on the way when transported for disposal. This paper is relevant to the sense that it merges the concept of solid waste management in small island developing states which seems to be a new phenomenon. Also, industry owners and investors are encouraged to promote the production of alternative bags in place of plastic bags, such as paper and sisal manufactured bags. Are the community members and other stakeholders active on solid waste management?

Recycling diverts items such as paper, glass, plastic and metals from the waste stream. This Chapter presents the research findings and data analysis on the examination of the law and practice on solid waste management in urban areas, the findings presented range from what was obtained through field data collection involving the questions; – is the legal framework for solid waste management in urban areas sufficient? The filthy environment in most urban centers of Tanzania such as Dar-es-salaam and Mwanza to mention but few is the mirror image of the problem of poor solid waste management. N OF ] The Act has pointed out in various ways on how the solid waste should be managed;- The Act94imposes the duty to the Authority District or Urban to undertake or contract an agent to set aside areas of adequate size for the purpose of solid waste disposal.

Sylvester Matandiko, I could not have done this research without you, you have been pivotal towards this success and always an inspiration in my career. What does the Municipality do to promote or carry out in solid waste management?

These companies have contract with Municipal and they are vested with the obligations such as solid waste collection, cleaning streets and open spaces, collection of refuse fee and sometimes enforcement of the law sometimes. Sylvester Matandiko, although you are suffering from a sickness which positions you in an unhealthy state, you have always been a catalyst towards my mzu,be.

The Act97 imposes a penalty of not less than one hundred thousand shillings or to imprisonment mzummbe a term not exceeding three months or both for any person who contravenes with this provision. Oxford University Press ,pg. Ilala Municipality is estimated to produce about 1, tons of solid waste per day, basing on a generation rate of 0.

It may also mean any material that is not needed by the owner, producer or processor. It is the process of controlled burning of waste at high temperature i. Do they have any terms with municipality?


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Waste is generated by, and from different sectors; domestic, commercial, industry and others. The findings also include the data collected vide secondary sources such as websites materials, manuals, journals, reports as well as the books. However, deciding whether a material or substance is waste is probably one of the most complex areas of environmental law.

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Correspondingly, section 4 2 of the same by-law directs every household within the Municipality to have separate storage facility for solid waste. This literature is significant to the effect that the author has uncovered the causes of environmental degradation inter alia being solid waste. It means the absolute liability for mzumne to the environment extends not only to compensate the victims of pollution but also the cost of restoring the environmental degradation.


What are their roles? This research could not have come to a successful conclusion without the assistance and support that I received from him. To my brother Elly John Marere, for your support, love, constant attention and encouragement, despite the distance.

mzumbe university thesis

However, the Municipal have been facing some challenges in solid waste management such as low community involvement in solid waste management, lack of awareness, high cost of operation, inadequate tools for solid waste management, inadequate fund for operation, poor law enforcement as there is a laxity univsrsity actors or law enforcers such as extension officers, Mwenyekiti wa Mtaa, ward level leaders and Lack of landfills.

It is an important bio technique for concerting solid wastes such as sewage sludge and domestic wastes into compost with the help of earthworm overtime. In triumphing the unoversity objectives this research mzumeb different questions in respect viz. However, practice in Ilala municipality with regard to this by law is not upright as the law enforcers and other stakeholders do not fully implement the same.

Thesid of the Law and Practice: It is theiss hygienic way of disposing solid waste and is more suitable if the waste contains more hazardous material and organic content. I suggest for efficiency solid waste management the duty of solid waste management should be vested to a specific authority as it has been done to others such as water, electricity etc.

However, their work has not based directly to East African region particularly Tanzania and the authors have not elaborate clearly unicersity legal framework on the same, hence, this work will reveal the problem in Tanzanian context with due regard to the legal framework. Waste sector have been employing many people especially youths for instance there are youths who have employed themselves as scavengers bottles collectorsthis is one of the ways in which these youths have been making life and alleviate from poverty.


Urban authorities are generally responsible for the provision of solid waste management including but not limited to the collection and disposal services.

This research discovered that there are few recycling industries in our country and other countries such as China has used this loophole to take our solid waste such as plastic for recycling in their country. The Act99 obliges the authority to manage solid waste generated in accordance with tyesis plans prepared by respective authority and ensure appropriate sorting of wastes is made at source and is in accordance with standards or specification prescribed by the authority.

mzumbe university thesis

Also, to carry out all mumbe to them by the minister in relation to the promotion and enhancement of sustainable management of the environment and perform any other function or discharging any other duty relating to ancillary or incidental to proper management of the environment as provided under the Act.

Singh, J et al24 uiversity their piece of work analysed that human being in their ignorance and lack of foresight, have now created so much inorganic waste that the whole planet is suffering from pollution in the air in the rivers and oceans of the world as well as on the landmasses.


Solid Waste Management also, refers to the collection, transfer, treatment, recycling, resource recovery and disposal of solid waste. Nevertheless, being concentrated much on small island developing states the author has skipped some issues on solid waste management in non-island states such as Tanzania mainlandhence the research to be conducted will cover on the aspect of solid waste in non-island state.

Also, the bureaucracy on the institutions on solid waste management hinder the clear management of solid waste as sometimes request for fund may be delayed or denied as thesus passes through a lengthy process quiet different if waste management would be vested to autonomous body or Authority rather than the Municipal, hence the service provided is low and the consumers or costumers are discouraged to pay or hardly pay their money for the service.