They fast before the first festival. There is a place known to many, and it is called Chavakacheri. Kantharodai, described as Kadurugoda Temple in the Sinhalese chronicles, is a 3rd century BC Buddhist site located about 10km north of the city of Jaffna and 2km west of the village of Chunnakam. I am pretty sure that Jaffna people would have welcome me as an alien. Take the road on the left to go to the entrance. Others believe it could have been leading to the gardens, and the Yamunari pond, which is behind and not far away. Department of Census and Statistics, Sri Lanka.

Saturday Review Siriththiran Uthayan. Tell us about your responsibilities at home? We can see peraheras in lots of villages. When we were closing in on Vavuniya, there were these children who gave my nephew some grams to eat. We did not get that chance. Thambikkaakka teacher was one of those teachers who taught us.

The post civil war elections were held in after a gap of 11 years.

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There were many palmyrah trees, and we used to buy these eatables made from palmyrah seeds. This sample itinerary will give you an idea of what is possible when you travel in Jaffna, and showcases routes we know work particularly well. It was a small van.

my hometown jaffna essay

A protection law has been enforced preventing horses being taken away from Delft Island to any other location. There were banana trees on the road, we took them and cut them to pieces.


Then we went to a temple named Kadurugoda. There are 25 Muslim families. The height of the walls is approximately four and a half esasy. I had a few employees there; they looked after the shop on behalf of me. I have been to places such as Chavakacheri and Mankumban.

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This is a basic overview of our village. I went with him. We can see the lightning and hear the thunder. Last of all we went to our Hotel Thal Sevana. He made fish for lunch, because he knew that I do not eat meat. There are two varieties which give either black or red skinned fruit. We bathe in the lake and bathe from that well. I was not able to continue my studies after grade 5. My garden has coconut trees. Nallur, according to Portuguese sources, had a great Sinhala Chingalaz, as the Portuguese spelled populace.

We went to the Mattikadhal to collect the so called Matti.

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Take the small track which directs north in front of the main gate. Few soldiers were there and we could walk around freely. Then I said that I have a problem with the language, and I explained that until I am at his place everything will be fine. Situated amidst a vast expanse of sand dunes, it is difficult to imagine that the area was once the capital city of the Jaffna region.


I received a call from my Appa, who gave me the glad news that a Tab had come up for sale and asked whether I was interested in buying it.

Geographically closer to India than Colombo, the town offers an insight into the country’s Tamil culture and reminders of its colonial past. During the British colonial period, almost all the schools that eventually played role in the high literacy achievement of the Jaffna residents were built by missionaries belonging to American Ceylon MissionWeslyan Methodist MissionSaivite reformer Arumuka Navalar and others.

hometow This old church with its large courtyard, though ravaged by the war, still holds its charm and miraculously the faces of the sculptures have not been damaged. This well has ever since provided a never-ending supply of fresh water.

my hometown jaffna essay

There are different ways in reproduction. The fort is located hometon to all these shops. This temple boasts of its origins during the time of Guna Pooshanan Singhai Aryanfrom the dynasty of the Kings of Jaffna who ruled from the thirteenth to the sixteenth century. The palmyrah palm tree, Borassus flabellifer Linea from the Palmae Arecaceae is hommetown as panay or panam in Tamil and tal gaha in Sinhala.

I bottle was rupees.