Damage to Clark Air Force Base airplane hangers collapsed under the weight of wet volcanic ash from the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in At Pinatubo, the quick deployment of monitoring instruments and preparation of a volcanic hazards map by the PHIVOLCS and VDAP team helped to better understand the precursors of volcanic activity and provided the basis for accurate warnings of impending eruptions. Additionally, the mixture of sulfur dioxide and rainwater contaminated water supplies as it generated sulfuric acid. Clark Air Force Base that happened to be situated only 9 miles from the volcano. The Clark Air Base sprawled over nearly 10, acres with its western end nestled in the lush, gently rolling foothills of the Zambales Mountains—only 9 miles 14 km east of Mount Pinatubo. View the Study Pack.

Monitoring instruments have also improved greatly in performance while at the same time dropping in price and power consumption. They moved to the back of a cinderblock structure to maybe provide a little more protection from hot gas and ash; there was nowhere else for them to go. Mount Pinatubo is located in the southern part of Luzon. Satellites orbiting the earth could still track the aerosol deposits left in the air from the eruption. Nearly every bridge within 18 miles 30 km of Mount Pinatubo was destroyed. Most of the Philippines living in the Luzon area were evacuated to various evacuation centers for their safety.

Helens considering the fact that ashes expulsion into the air during the Mt. Fortunately, pinattubo flow stopped before it reached the building. Helens The Pinatubo eruption of mid was the largest in terms of size and potential effect compared to the Mt.

A population of about 30, people filled the flanks of Pinatubo.

When even more highly gas-charged magma reached Pinatubo’s surface June 15, the volcano exploded. Mt Pinatubo pyroclastic flows were propelled by the raging waters of the tropical storm that hit the region; otherwise the magma could be flowing at a very slow pace.


The eruption formed a large cloud of ash, aerosols, sulfur dioxide, sulfuric acids and gases. Employees in the News.

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Secondary effects of Mt. The eruption became one of the major humanitarian disasters ever witnessed in Philippines attributed to natural disasters taking into consideration the loss of several lives as well as destruction of massive amount of property both public and private.

Damage to Clark Air Force Base airplane hangers collapsed under the weight of wet volcanic ash from the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in Prior to Mount Pinatubo stood to a height of 1, meters and was studied and said to be inactive.

Mt Pinatubo is part of a chain of combined volcanoes situated along the Luzon arc. Damage to bridges, irrigation-canal systems, roads, cropland and urban areas occurred in the wake of each significant rainfall. Some text in the modal. Additionally, a powerful steam ruptured three craters on the north edge of the volcano.

Satellites orbiting the earth could still track the aerosol deposits left in the air from the eruption.

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Additionally, the US also evacuated all their citizens for the Clarke Air Base situated near the mountain to other military bases while some moved to the US mainland. It is unfortunate that a score of lives were lost owing to various diseases especially in the evacuation centers.

In things changed disproving the earlier studies that found the volcano inactive. All efforts were focused on answering the questions — will Pinatubo erupt catastrophically, and when? Much weaker but still spectacular eruptions of ash occurred occasionally through early September The base has been repurposed as a trade and commercial center with large airport. Rosenberge asserts that the estimated economic damages as result of the volcanic eruption stood at approximately essah of a billion dollars.


The Mount Pinatubo Case Study

What would be different if the situation occurred today? The visual erkption of umbrella-shaped ash clouds convinced everyone that evacuations were the right thing to do.

mount pinatubo eruption essay

The collaborative work of scientists from the U. The willingness of base commanders, public pniatubo and citizens to take the necessary essaay lessened the risk from this catastrophic eruption. Flowing lahar and weight of ashes has been pinpointed to the major cause of several casualties during the event. It is noteworthy that Mt. Satellite data measuring ground temperatures, gas emissions, and inflation or deflation of the volcano would be sent to PVO where it would be integrated with other data sources to develop forecasts and inform hazard mitigation efforts.

Huge avalanches of searing hot ash, esswy and pumice fragments, called pyroclastic flows, roared down the flanks of Pinatubo, filling once-deep valleys with fresh volcanic deposits as much as feet meters thick.

Despite the fact that the pyroclastic flows of Mt. By then, almost all aircraft had been removed from Clark and local residents had evacuated.

mount pinatubo eruption essay

For now, the volcano is quiet, and the U. The map was based on the maximum known extent of each type of deposit from past eruptions and was intended to be a worst-case scenario.