Shouldn’t I focus my attention on the poorer students? There is also no reason why you can’t do a ‘something I learned from my last feedback’ activity with students who were previously assessed on a different unit to your own even if it wasn’t you who gave that feedback. Can I give work back to the student? Making a photocopy of the work with your comments on it would normally be acceptable for the purpose of external moderation. An online proforma was designed to capture new unit specifications and store the standardised descriptions in a database. The sample should normally be selected on the basis of the internally agreed aggregate unit mark of the students concerned.

Your Programme Leader is responsible for responding to the External Examiner regarding issues raised. The coursework receipting database calculates the return date and releases marks through Moodle on the due date. If students are just making one or two errors then you can just highlight these and suggest that they take more care in checking in future assignments. The frustration of seeing feedback sheets which took hours to write gathering dust in the receipting office is familiar to most academics. If an assignment is a good 2 i , do I still need to give feedback? A simple approach will benefit both you and your students.

TRansforming Assessment + Feedback For Institutional Change (TRAFFIC) at MMU

Manchester Metropolitan University MMU is the largest campus-based undergraduate university in the UK with a total student population of more than 37, To support its work the project team developed an academic model which gave a life-cycle view of assessment and feedback for details and further discussion on this model see the Jisc EMA blog.

Of course the decision will depend on the type of assignment. If you want students to learn from their examination experiences, then you should of course be providing feedback on their performance in those exams.

mmu coursework feedback

The maximum number of summative assignments per student is now 8 per year, including examinations. The project also acted on a recommendation to focus more effort on the re-assessment period: This is a really good question. All students are entitled to feedback on their work, which should:. Even when the feedback is collected, many tutors suspect that some students focus more on the mark than on their carefully prepared feedback.


In the Throes of Change

A good approach is to highlight the first error of each type and then to suggest in the feedback comments that the student goes through looking for these types of errors and explain where more support is to be found: This gives an opportunity to introduce the next assignments and relate them to previous ones. If there is clearly a problem with spelling, grammar or ceedback then you need to point the student towards more systematic support.

Your feedback should focus on the unit learning outcomes and the degree to which the student has demonstrated achievement of them according to the assessment criteria; it might also be useful to refer to programme learning outcomes. If it looks as though the logistics will make it likely that some feedback will take an unacceptably long time to feedbadk, or will place an unacceptable strain on individual members of staff, then think about some ways of mitigating the delay, such as: All undergraduate units are now included in this database and the records include information about the type and weighting of the assessment and the skills students are likely to demonstrate in completing the work.

Your Programme Leader is responsible for responding to the External Examiner regarding issues raised. The lifecycle model offers a ready means of mapping business processes and potential supporting technologies against academic processes and has been used as the basis for the Jisc EMA research of which this case study forms a part.

What do they do? You could get them to go over the exam questions and produce model answers for discussion in class.

mmu coursework feedback

This information is linked directly to the student records system SRS in order to give a basic picture of the requirements for each unit. The frustration of seeing feedback sheets which took hours to write gathering dust in the receipting office is familiar to most academics.


Your feedback strategy could indicate which form of feedback will be used in which situations and give a rough idea of how much might be expected in each case eg 60 second audio clip, completed one page checklist.

mmu coursework feedback

You can find more information about External Examiners here. MMU guidance on Returning marks and feedback.

What is an External Examiner? Space does not permit a detailed analysis of each type here, but help is certainly available from the Centre for Learning and Teaching with the implementation of any of these examples which may be unfamiliar to you. External Examiners are not involved in the marking process and will not be asked to alter individual student marks.

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Having said this, most tutors would want to discuss this coursewotk informally with students. A departmental or subject feedback strategy will help you to make links between assessments on different units. Should my feedback focus on knowledge specific to the assignment, or generic transferable skills?

There may be practical reasons why this is difficult to do assignments submitted at the end of term, for instance, or low attendance, although returning assignments might have a good effect on that. New procedures to support consistent approaches to marking, moderation and feedback were also introduced as part of the project.

MMU encourages students to reflect on their own performance and make themselves a personal action plan for the future, as well as requiring tutors to reflect on the effectiveness of each part of the assessment cycle from setting to the return of work. These reports will cover areas such as administration and procedures, assessments, student performance, good practice and enhancement. Marking and production of feedback: Notify feedack of followup comments via e-mail. When would I give out a model answer or provide generic feedback?