Students who miss the deadline but are very close to finishing should email Anne Hunter anneh mit. Will the Department keep me informed of my application status? MIT students who are enrolled another MIT graduate program may be eligible for a dual masters degree, which involves meeting the coursework requirements of both masters programs, and writing one thesis of an interdisciplinary nature. The TQE must be completed by the end of the third term. They like to know what is going on, and they hate feeling that you’ve disappeared. The public thesis defense should be held during the first half of the final term.

When to start 9. In a case like this, we usually suggest that you submit at least one letter from a faculty member who knew you well–perhaps your undergraduate thesis supervisor. Skip to main content. Yes, you should list all subjects and grades that do not appear on your uploaded transcript. Lying at the critical interface between computation and the physical world, Information Systems bridges the more traditionally computer science centric and more traditionally electrical engineering centric areas of the department.

MIT EECS Graduate Study: Guide Area 2: Computer Science Summary of Deadlines and Typical Timeline

To check their eeds result, applicants can log into their online account around the middle of February. A few sections of the application are editable after submission, including the “Statement of Objectives.

Sample Title Page Do other aspects of the thesis, like writing, if waiting is unavoidable. Decisions made after April 15 are considered binding and may require a written release.

Because of the large volume of applications submitted to EECS, we eeccs discourage you from sending in copies of awards, journal articles, and other extraneous documents.


Barker is eager to help thesis students at every stage of the thesis project.

Graduate Program

mig Minor Program The minor application is typically filed after completion of the RQE and formation of the Doctoral Committee, but it can be submitted earlier. We are eager to receive your feedback about your experiences in Course VI to improve our programs.

mit eecs thesis deadline

Do NOT call us or email to check the deadline: Should I fill out the “Record of Subjects”? When you have done this, you will receive a receipt via email. The Department will grant an automatic waiver to any student whose first language is English, any student who has been studying or working in the U.

mit eecs thesis deadline

This academic year’s deadlines are listed on the front page of this document. Exceptions are made in rare cases; these written requests must be explained deadlie detail. Do not hole-punch or bind your thesis in any other way. The Department signature Katrina LaCurts will be furnished automatically later. List all in-progress courses in the “Record of Subjects” section. Some delays are inevitable, but there are ways to minimize them. The biographical section, three 3 letters of recommendation, “Record of Subjects” with grades, and a “Statement of Objectives.

– Submitting the Thesis | MIT EECS

When to start 9. Students can be frustrated when they hand their supervisors a chapter or two of write-up, which it took them a eces hours to write, and find that it takes the supervisor several days or even weeks to read, correct and return it. Teaching assistants are chosen for their ability to teach and communicate ideas well. Try not to wait until the afternoon of the deadline to submit your thesis.


mit eecs thesis deadline

The credit earned can sometimes be used toward a degree at htesis school. Is the application fee ever waived or deferred? It’s important not to lose sight of getting started on research even while attending to these more structured elements. To facilitate electronic access to the research done by Course 6 students, we are requiring that students deposit their thesis in DSpaceMIT’s long-term digital storage facility you’ll need to have a DSpace account for the link to work.

To apply to our graduate application, you must use the online application which is available at: For the TOEFL, we require a score of at least on the paper-based test, for the computer-based test, and for the Internet-based test. Current graduate students are encouraged to give feedback as we build this website to help in our endeavor to create the best possible graduate experience.

If you find your hours, days and weeks melting away to no effect, take early action. Read more in the Aug. Electrical Science and Engineering Course Sample Title Page It is never waived and must be paid in U.

Students who hand in a thesis late may be able to graduate at Commencement but not have their names in the Commencement Book.