A number of candidates wasted time by trying to find the numerical value of a. The assessment criteria are closely related to these steps. This is produced for each series of examinations and is freely available to download from our public website www. Your email address will not be published. In such cases you must ensure that you refer back to the answer of the previous part question even if this is not shown within the image zone. Some candidates rounded off their calculator value, and then over-specified their final values Unless otherwise indicated, marks once gained cannot subsequently be lost, eg wrong working following a correct form of answer is ignored.

Ocr mei c3 coursework help ocr mei Dissertation sur les personnages de roman c3 coursework help. If in doubt, contact your Team Leader. From Wikibooks, open books for an open world. A common error was arctan 1. Candidates are expected to give numerical answers to an appropriate degree of accuracy, with 3 significant figures often being the norm.

A-level Mathematics/MEI/DE

Please write clearly and in capital letters. Of those who spotted both relationships, a good proportion made a mess of simplifying the fraction, often resulting in a final answer of.

mei differential equations coursework mark scheme

Question 2 Part i This was done very well. A few candidates made errors in the table — usually the first or the penultimate value.

Many started again to find the sum of the first ten terms, and did so successfully.


Part ii This was very well done. Any blank pages are indicated. Part iii This was generally well done. Part iii Those candidates who used their graph to find the gradient and the intercept often went on to score full marks in this part.

Description There are two aspects to the work.

A-level Mathematics/MEI/DE – Wikibooks, open books for an open world

Comments on Individual Questions: The situation regarding any particular cases where the accuracy of the answer may be a marking issue should be detailed in the mark scheme rationale. Many of those who equationx earn the first mark often made errors in manipulating the equation, and scored no further marks. Part ii Most recognised the arithmetic progression, but some were uncomfortable with a non-numerical a and made a spurious attempt to find its value.

This page was last edited on 24 Septemberat Additional paper may be used if necessary but you must clearly show your candidate number, centre number and question number s.

Relevant knowledge courseworl complex numbers will also be required. This is the completed version and I scored.

mei ocr maths coursework

Calculate the length of AC. The FMSP revision videos for MEI are topic-based videos featuring an explanation of the specifications and some example examination questions.

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Ocr mei c3 coursework help ocr mei Dissertation sur les personnages de roman c3 coursework help. If OCR has unwittingly failed to correctly acknowledge or clear any third-party content in this assessment material, OCR will be happy to correct its mistake at the earliest possible opportunity.


mei differential equations coursework mark scheme

The paper was accessible to a large majority of the candidates, and most candidates seemed well-prepared. The sum to infinity of this progression is Similarly, a small number of candidates simply added the first and the last terms.

Policies and guidelines Contact us. If in doubt, contact coursweork Team Leader. Question 4 Both parts were generally very well done, with many candidates scoring full marks.

Mei ocr maths coursework

On the other hand, when two or more steps are successfully run together by the candidate, the earlier marks are implied and full credit must be given. Remember me on this computer. Some candidates slipped up finding the value of y, and a few made sign errors when finishing off. Part ii B This was generally very well done. In other languages Add links. A surprising number tried squaring top and bottom, or concocted an equation which they attempted to solve.