Literature is not only vague in terms of uniform definitions but also in terms of perspec- tive unity on the construct. A Case Study of Model Changeovers in the Toyota Production System the authors give a com- prehensive insight into the contextually ambidextrous managed Toyota production system. Although an extensive amount of literature is published, relatively scant attention was given to uncovering how organizations achieve ambidexterity Gupta et al. Victor Blazquez Date Deposited: Concluding from responses, they found ambidexterity to positively contribute to financial performance, especially for organiza- tions operating in environments characterized by low centralization and for those companies with less resource interdependency. Various Ambidexterity Definitions Table 2:

Explora- tion could easily be confused with adaption and exploitation with alignment and therefore be used synonymously. For example, at time!! The following three research questions will be particularly addressed throughout the study: In order for managers to be able to draw knowledge from the ambidexterity re- search field and thereby make the scientific field generally more significant, managers need explicit guidance on how to implement business practices in their management strategic. Support induces business members to establish a working environment characterized by assistance, tolerance and sense of com- munity. This group generally addresses the question of how organizations or managers can achieve a balance between the two antagonistic necessities of change and continuity. Victor Blazquez Date Deposited:

This analysis follows a logical path, which reviews these fundamental elements step by step, up to the definition of the concept as a whole. Antecedents, influencers and moderators Group A links a variety of environmental, structural, contextual, organizational or re- source related factors to the concept of organizational ambidexterity. Ambidexterity is Typically Seen as an Organizational Approach 7.

Ambidextrous Organizations: sustainable growth by balancing exploitation and exploration

Accordingly, in figure 2, a fictional organization would be in a state of exploration orientation over period! Companies on this journey face different types of resistance and challenges laid out in this thesis. Accord- ing to the concept of structural ambidexterity, there are two different approaches to accom- plish a business unit separation: Therefore, Polaroid kept investing in outdated technology and was soon overtaken by their competitors, who adapted to the new market structures by developing innovative ideas.


Unlike the punctuated equilibrium model, organiza- tional vacillation does not suggest a strict temporal ambldexterity of exploration and exploitation periods, it rather distinguishes exploration and exploitation orientation of the organization Brown and Eisenhardt,Boumgarden et al.

Initially, the difference between the first two views might not be self-evident. Full text not available from this repository.

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At the beginning, the main objective was to gain a better understanding on the current situation of the organization around ambiedxterity activities, their barriers and challenges. The punctuated equilibrium model, for instance, also utilizes the exploration- exploitation construct to pronounce a possible solution for the above-mentioned organization- al trade-off situation.

The Underlying Concepts and a Historical Approach 3.

master thesis ambidexterity

In the modern business world, which is characterized by rapid technological change e. De- pending on the requirements of a specific job, the top management team TMT is able to switch between structures See Figure 3.

Organizational Ambidexterity. A Managerial Act of Balance

In the same year, He and Wong drew and investigated self-reported data in ambideexterity three year time period from Asian manufacturing firms and found a positive correlation between ambidexterity, sales growth and firm performance. A framework that combines design thinking and foresight activities to support corporates in fast-paced innovation times.

Introducing Exploration and Exploitation – Components of Ambidexterity 5. Apple Computers, which started out developing and marketing personal computers inis today one of the leading firms in the cellphone and tablet market and was nominated by Forbes business magazine as the most valuable brand of Badenhausen, Despite finding scientifically relevant insights for the research, this proliferation of interest has also blurred some of the initial clarity about the concept.

Dimensions of Business Contexts Figure 5: Hereafter, in the final part III, Implications of the thesis, at first practical implications for managers chapter 8 and implications for science chapter 9 that prevail from the thesis, are given. It is commonly theorized that ambidextrous organizations are able to achieve sustainable growth by balancing the exploitation of current business factors with the exploration of new ones.


Both companies have demonstrated the ability to adapt to and compete in new markets. He and Wong,Gibson and Birkinshaw,Jansen et al.

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Lack of Ambidexterity Definition Unity 7. This thesis will give an overarching overview of the current literature and thezis most significant sci- entific and management related findings. Therefore, SMEs that do not implement dual structures out- perform their ambidextrous competitors Ebben and Johnson,Voss and Voss, Concurrently, this model can be seen as an approach to solve the obscurity of the scientific field.

master thesis ambidexterity

The study is divided in three main parts. In the appendix, a detailed summary table for each paper containing its key assumptions and underlying concepts, its publication date, the study type and final conclusions are given.

Regardless of the implemented model, structural ambidexterity inherently creates ma- jor challenges for the TMT. Continuum View Figure Temporal separation may be a suitable solution to achieve a long-term balance, however, the prospects of success of the concept are highly dependent on the speed of market fluctuations. Organization context is broadly referred to as a business unit-shaping number of attributes Gibson and Birkinshaw, Therefore, in the structural ambidexterity model a relatively precise pic- ture of possible ambidexterity-enhancing organizational structures can be drawn.