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Jun 5, - Volumes have been written about the politics, economics, art, literature, music, film, cabarets, and theater of Weimar Germany, and no doubt many more volumes remain to be written. But for our purposes here, the Weimar is signficant for its formative influence on western lesbian culture. As Miller goes on to. Reader's Guide to Lesbian and Gay Studies - Google Книги Lindsey. Age: 21. meeting you and making you the center of her attentions, even if only for a few hours Where did homosexuality fit into the Nazi fear of contamination? So there was a kind of homoerotic fraternization, you could say, that was allowed in Berlin by the late s, and this permitted the growth of a whole network of different kinds of bars and restaurants. Dec 17, - GROSS: OK, so this is Claire Waldoff, a cabaret singer and a lesbian performer, recorded in Germany in (SOUNDBITE OF ARCHIVED RECORDING). CLAIRE WALDOFF: (Singing in German). GROSS: That was Claire Waldoff, a song picked for us by Robert Beachy, the author of the new book "Gay. Indianna. Age: 29. You have fallen upon a Diamond in the rough, A true lady on the outside but a naughty girl on the inside Explore Lesbians, 1920s, and more! Jul 19, - For Germany's gay men and lesbians, though, Berlin represented promise. Its gay scenes offered exciting places to hunt for love and happiness. Christopher Isherwood, whose short stories based on his stay in Berlin eventually became the basis for the film Cabaret, with Liza Minnelli, put it simply. Claire Waldoff (21 October – 22 January ), born Clara Wortmann, was a German singer. She was a famous kabarett singer and entertainer in Berlin during the s and s, chiefly known for performing ironic songs in the Berlinish dialect and lesbian undertones and themes.

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Darla. Age: 24. I'm Angelina, a young sensual exotic mix from Montreal, Canada "The Lavender Song" is Ute Lemper's English version of "Das Lila Lied", the German gay and. As the s progressed this gave way to open displays of nudity, to the point where most German cabarets had at least some topless dancers. Some cabarets were patronised by gay men, lesbians and transvestites; once forced to conceal their sexuality, they seized upon the liberality of the cabaret scene to openly display. Gay and Lesbian Persecution in Germany, —45, Chicago: Fitzroy Dearborn, and London: Cassell, Hekma, Gert, Harry Oosterhuis, and James Steakley The text includes the life sto— ries of a self-styled “sassy” butch lesbian, a once-popular cabaret singer, an artist, the publisher of a guide to lesbian.


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