Awarded with the ASML thesis prize. To appear in Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society. Quantum groups and non-commutative Lp-spaces. Spatially Homogeneous Universes written under the supervision of Renate Loll UU, Theoretical Physics This thesis is a study of cosmological models with spatial homogeneity. May 29 – June 2, Sebastian Arne Klein Title: Applications of quantum Markov-semi-groups to von Neumann algebras and commutator estimates.

Workshop Quantum Groups and Operator Algebras organizer. Further info on Brightspace. Non-commutative harmonic analysis and perturbations of commutators. Gromov’s theorem on groups with polynomial growth. Fourier Grenoble 68 , no.

Approximation properties of quantum groups and their operator algebras October The objective of this prize is to attract students to this daspers field of mathematics and to stimulate them to produce high level work in preparation for Ph.

martijn caspers thesis

Research interests Quantum groups Operator algebras Operator spaces and their approximation properties Non-commutative Lp-spaces Harmonic analysis on non-commutative spaces Papers and preprints Any comment, suggestion or question is more than welcome. BMO-estimates for commutators and non-commutative Lipschitz functions. Lectures at summer school “Geometry” aimed at bachelor students who are finishing their second or third year.


Geometry and Quantum Theory (GQT) | Student prize

Other One day course on “Geometry of discrete groups” summer school Utrecht Noncommutative De Leeuw theorems December 2nd, Thssis thesis is well focused and seems understandable to fellow students. Absence of Cartan subalgebras for Hecke von Neumann algebras October University of New South Wales, Sydney. De exposition is efficient, but occasionally very brief. Gradient forms and strong solidity of free quantum groups July The author first explains the theorem of Bondal and Orlov on the reconstruction of an algebraic variety from its bounded derived category of coherent sheaves.

Geometry and Quantum Theory (GQT)

Arjan Cornelissen, master thesis ; with Ronald de Wolf. Hecke von Neumann algebras, operator spaces and absence of Cartan subalgebras January Complete motion in classical and quantum mechanics written under the supervision of Klaas Landsman RU.

Operator spaces, harmonic analysis and quantum probability. Non-commutative geometry seminar and research caspres with A. All information will be posted on Blackboard. Non-commutative commutator and Lipschitz estimates July, The Haagerup property for arbitrary von Neumann algebras May, Approximation properties of groups, quantum groups and von Neumann algebras: In his thesis Ruben Stienstra looks at the problem that in Classical mechanics one can find solutions that are only determined for a finite time interval while in quantum mechanics all solutions are always defined for all times.


martijn caspers thesis

The best constants for operator Lipschitz functions on Schatten classes. Operator spaces and quantum information theory. Awarded with the ASML thesis prize.

Weak type commutator and Lipschitz estimates September, The explanations and proofs are of great clarity. Theses Gerrit Vos, master thesis expected Out of the three entries, which were all of high quality, the jury has decided to award the GQT mrtijn prize to Ruben Strienstra.

Quantum Markov semi-groups, gradients and strong solidity.

martijn caspers thesis

The jury was impressed by the depth of this work, the demonstrated independence, and the originality of the results. Any comment, suggestion or question is more than welcome. Graph products of operator algebras December 11, May May 19,