It is better to change the attitudes of the nation about what democracy means rather than keep up the endlessly destructive cycles in search of perfection, where perfection is someone who looks and thinks exactly like us. All persons responsible must suffer. He is the primary accused in the bombing in General Santos City in , in which 15 people died, and 60 were injured. Furthermore, Aquino was not able to explain why these two officials were unaware of the operations. This identity IS actually developing, another years and the Philippines will be a very different place from what it is now — my prediction.

February 22, at 7: They think our troops have no honor. The fact that the MILF was not to be trusted should not make him culpable for gross incompetence. It is more a lack of experience in dealing forthrightly, aiming for results rather than personal chits. The Church should be at the forefront of instilling trust and selflessness but how can it do that when the members of the CBCP, the Bishops themselves, are corrupt at the most and coddlers of the corrupt.

Lessons from Mamasapano

There are reports that they run factories of improvised explosive devices, which they sell to fellow terrorists. An Electricity or Presidential Power Shortage? Tukanalipao, Mamasapano MaguindanaoPhilippines.

mamasapano massacre essay

And maybe the development of a stronger national sense of loyalty. As Oplan Exodus unfolded, mobile communication devices was used as a primary mmassacre of communication. It is not that the other scale is heavily populated; it is that many individuals have not made a clear choice and are on neither scale.

Bahnarin and Benzar Amputuan were rivals at the Mayoral elections. The wide terrain between their location and ,assacre of the 55th SAC was literally flat without adequate cover and concealment.


mamasapano massacre essay

Could this mean that the leftists, long known to be anti-Gloria, have now joined forces with pro-GMA people to overthrow the government and put themselves in power? Always be reminded, The White House is still not talking of their involvement, and, if Marwan is dead. In the face of our grief, in the face of the desire of some to exact revenge, in the face of the threats to destroy the trust we have forged over such a long period of time, today, our ability to show compassion to our fellowmen faces a great test.

Black propaganda was smeared for his accessory to the failure of the operation.

The state will give the maximum assistance it can, within the limits of the laws and rules. The prior incidents involving the Marwan hunt should be a part of this inquiry. Mamasapano, Maguindanao Massacre Fallen There are allegations that, inMarwan, along with Umbra Kato, led a plot to plant a bomb to assassinate then-Governor of Maguindanao, Andal Ampatuan.

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The rebels deny of knowing about the SAF’s operation and the uniform is not familiar to them as the spokesperson said – that is why they are forced to fight. The second planned mitigating action was the commissioning of msmasapano peace process mechanisms to facilitate ceasefire.

It was a good though tragic move. The Society of Honor: It does not help that opportunistic politicians here are fanning the flames of conflict by their demonizing and demagoguery of the unfortunate events last January They should show the sincerity and that they are civilized enough to manage a government as part of the institution-The Republic of the Philippines. We have never been to Ilocos Norte.


FULL TEXT: English translation of President Aquino’s speech on the Mamasapano clash

And of course there is a rage directed at the Moro rebels, by whatever initials they walk mmaasapano. The context at the time was just that: Units like SAF are symbols of strength, them losing so many men is very esday worse than Pacquiao losing a fight.

As to the operation, according to General Napenas, mxssacre was a three-day window available to them, supplied by the intelligence component of the planners, if I recall right…Jan.

AFP demanded prior coordination to enable them to react and deliver the requested support. It is intended as a swarm of small drones with explosives coming together to form one big explosion, the opposite of a big cluster bomb splitting up to create many small explosions. To the families of the SAF members who perished: Yes, I occasionally have to police the comments when trolls visit.

Mamasapano: who was at fault, and why | The Society of Honor: the Philippines

Shit flows downhill, ever since the beginning that was the ways. Honest examiners at the BIR and Customs, straight poiicemen and even politicians who have a pure heart are looked upon as stupid and naive if they dont enrich themselves while in office.

When a warrant is issued against an individual, all officers of the exsay are obligated to serve it. Point me to him.

On hindsight, this seems to be the biggest mistake of PInoy.