For all extension requests, suitable evidence must be provided in line with the Standards of Evidence table. This means that although all forms will be considered very carefully, the vast majority of submissions will not result in a suspension of the regulations. The registered office address of the School is: You are asked to give signed consent for the Department to use your summative coursework as an example of good practice for future groups of students. Taught Masters examination sub-board local rules. Please note, however, that any information given to your department will only be made available to the Sub-Board if you submit an Exceptional Circumstances Form. This means following all invigilator instruction… twitter.

Candidates are not sent separate notification if their exceptional circumstances have not resulted in a suspension of the regulations. Ensure that your assessed work is anonymous. This means following all invigilator instruction… twitter. If you would like further support in relation to sexual violence, including sexual harassment, a Safe Contact will be able to refer you to LSE and external specialist sources of support. If the assessment deadline has not yet taken place:

This means following all invigilator instruction… twitter. If your assessment has not yet taken place, you should first seek an Extension Request. Summative assessment tests whether students have acquired the learning outcomes described above. Information submitted through the exceptional circumstances process will only be made available to staff who are directly involved with the process.

Examination and Assessment

Hard copy dissertations should be bound e. If you fail to submit an assessment by either the original published deadline or the agreed extended deadline the following late penalties shall be applied:.

Please note this list is not exhaustive. However, Exam-Boards may suspend the regulations and adjust your overall award. We encourage students to engage actively with feedback, by learning to recognise when feedback is being given, the different forms it takes, and how best to use it.


Along with written feedback, a provisional mark is provided. Everything you write in an exam must be submitted.

Exceptional Circumstances

Similarly, students cannot submit previously assessed, or elements of, their own work — this constitutes self-plagiarism. If you successfully meet the conditions the Provisional Exam Bar will be removed automatically. Students are expected to understand when feedback is being given and what it means, and ask for clarification it if feedback is not clear.

For other courses, please contact the course teacher. Presentation and Content Summative coursework is to be submitted via Moodle in electronic format only; no hard copies are required. Your Programme Support team will email you with the outcome of your request, and inform the cousrework marker s Submiszion note that the final submission of your assessment must still be made via Moodle, regardless of the outcome of your request.

The examination timetable will be available at the end of the Lent Term. Examinations for all Department of Health Policy courses take place during the summer term in May and June.

Follow us on Twitter. Exam-Boards can only consider documentation that is submitted to the SSC.

Extension Policy

Your candidate number should be on the coversheet. If you have submitted an assessment or sat an exam and you feel your performance has been affected by unforeseen circumstances that were outside of your control then you should submit Exceptional Circumstances ECs and evidence. Formative coursework does not count towards your final degree. Formative assessment is a compulsory part of every coursewok and includes: Students may wish to also discuss feedback with fellow students — peer review can provide useful feedback and aid understanding of feedback given.


Late submission penalties may be applied if you do not submit the final i. Permitted materials are also specified early in the year. However, you may experience circumstances which are sudden, unforeseen, outside of their control and proximate to an assessment.

lse summative coursework submission form

If you would like to request an extension for a course based within the Department of Social Policy, the following process will apply. It is not possible for Exam Boards to consider evidence once results have been formally ratified. Everything you write in an exam must be submitted. Any quotation from the published or unpublished work of other persons, including other students, must be clearly identified by being placed inside quotation marks and a full reference to their source must be provided in the proper form.

lse summative coursework submission form

Students have the option to submit their coursework to Turnitin themselves, prior to their final submission. Once your extension request and evidence is received, it will be considered summaive the Chair of the Sub-Board of Examiners.

In exceptional circumstances it may be possible to obtain a longer extension but this shall normally not exceed four weeks summtive there is an exceptional reason for doing so.