The Board is authorized to take multiple factors into account, including the number of years licensing has been held as well as whether the education was substantially similar and the supervised practice substantially equivalent. ACA Code of Ethics. The LPCC license requires more clinical coursework, a longer supervision period, and an examination specifically focused on mental health counseling. The supervision must be evenly distributed over the course of the supervised professional practice. Learn about becoming a Mental Health Counselor in your state: They will initiate the process by emailing the Board webmaster http: The Board will allow four attempts during a one-year period.

The LPCC license requires more clinical coursework, a longer supervision period, and an examination specifically focused on mental health counseling. The supervised practice shall be conducted according to the requirements in paragraphs b to e. The automated phone system is available 24 hours a day. The BBS has put together a list of frequently asked questions for interns http: Include the study of physiological-psychological and social-cultural variables associated with sexual identity, sexual behavior or sexual disorders.

Marriage and family therapy may be a named specialization or may be represented by six semester hours of coursework http: The board may issue a license to an individual who holds a current license or other credential from another jurisdiction if the board courseworrk that the requirements for that credential are substantially similar to the requirements in sections B.

Qualifying courses may go be different names. At least 50 percent of the required hours of supervision must be received on an individual basis.

LPCC Requirements and Applications

An individual must accrue 3, hours of post-degree supervised experience before full licensure can be granted. Current theories of the etiology of substance abuse The role of persons and systems that support or compound the abuse.


lpcc additional coursework

After receiving approval from the Board of Behavioral Sciences, the candidate can register and pays fees. The examination candidate will register directly with the NBCC, using the Minnesota examination form. The total program will be at least 60 semester hours.

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LPCC Coursework Requirements / Minnesota Board of Behavioral Health and Therapy

Additionally, the candidate will need two semester hours of psychopharmacology. This is the state’s highest counseling license.

An hour course in California law and professional ethics that includes, but is not limited to: Candidates must also pass a laws and rules examination; the Board notes that it is really more of a review, and is available online https: Legal aspects of substance abuse.

Out-of-state candidates will need to use traditional inked cards. This is administered by PSI. Social Media for Counselors: Major treatment approaches to alcoholism and chemical dependency.

Licensure requires an 18 classroom-hour course in California law and ethics. There must be three semester hours each in treatment planning, professional ethics, cultural diversity, and evaluation methodologies http: If the 3, hour requirement has not yet been met, these hours may also be credited toward the 3, total hours.

The remaining 50 percent may be received in a group setting. Knowledge of certain populations at risk with regard to substance abuse.

lpcc additional coursework

A Mental Health Professional may be an experienced professional from any of several disciplines https: The Board notes that this credential is not state-mandated, but that some work settings may require addiitional an intern possess it so that the organization can bill for services provided by the intern http: The California Association of Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors notes that curricular expectations apply to all students who complete requirements while living in California, whether the coursework is taken online or at a traditional institution http: Clinical supervisors do not necessarily have to be licensed as counselors, but they do need to be licensed as mental health professionals.


The training shall also include physical and behavioral indicators of abuse, crisis counseling techniques, lpcx resources, rights and responsibilities of reporting, consequences of failure to report, caring for a child’s needs after a report is made, sensitivity to previously abused children and adults, and implications and methods of treatment for children and adults. Learn about becoming a Mental Health Counselor in your state: Counselors who hold such licenses may submit applications for Board consideration.

BBS Rules and Regulations: Both LPCCs and Licensed Professional Counselors have a scope of practice that allows for private practice; however, only LPCCs have a scope of practice that includes treatment and diagnosis of mental disorders.

lpcc additional coursework

A licensed professional counselor who has completed cousrework, hours of supervised post-master’s degree clinical professional practice and who has independent practice status need only document 2, additional hours of supervised post-master’s degree clinical professional practice, which includes direct client contact hours; andunderline end.

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